About Us Page

Jackie and I met in college and married soon after. We spent the 90s having a raising our first two children Brandon and Lexi. They are now adults and have many fond memories of our holidays spent together. Brandon is not raising a family of his own and drawing from our understanding of the traditions associated with holidays to form his own family’s story.

In the Early 2000s we had our twin boys Ronin and Ethan. We are still celebrating family holidays with them and their older siblings as they are well into their teen years.

We have lived all over the United States and traveled all over the world. We have spent Christmases perusing the Weihnachtsmärchen (Christmas Markets) in many cities in Germany as well as simple family celebrations at home. We have celebrated Birthdays, Saint’s days, Easter, Memorial Day and Thanksgiving among others in school classrooms and martial arts dojos. We have experience in celebrating tons of holidays in both public and private settings.

Then there is the experience we have had in researching the history behind many of these holidays in university, religious, and professional settings. Jackie has been a teacher for nearly two decades in many public schools, grades, and areas of the country. She has taught many children their background stories and helped them understand their meanings.

I studied theology and history on the graduate level and so many of the holidays we celebrate have rich and vibrant stories that go along with them connected to both. We hope to help you and your family enjoy these holidays in a deeper and connected way through our informational content.

Through our family, international travel, and research experience, we hope we can adds some peace and contentment to your hopeful holidays.

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