Black Friday Or Cyber Monday For Computer Parts?

While it has become difficult to distinguish between Black Friday and Cyber Monday since the two have blurred into a haze of deals spanning five days, there are still a few items that are better purchased on one day than the other. For instance, is it better to buy computer parts on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

In general, tech products are discounted more heavily on Cyber Monday than on Black Friday. As a result, you may expect the best computer parts deals on Cyber Monday compared to Black Friday. That isn’t to imply that Black Friday offers aren’t worth looking into. 

When will Black Friday and Cyber Monday laptop deals begin? Are Computer Parts Cheaper On Black Friday Or Cyber Monday? Should I wait till Black Friday Or Cyber Monday to buy a laptop? How do you get the best laptop deals during Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Read on to find out.


When Will Black Friday and Cyber Monday Laptop Deals Begin?

Each year’s Black Friday is at the end of November. On the other hand, how retailers approach the annual sales event is getting increasingly mixed. Some businesses, like Amazon, are now running promotions from earlier in the month, prompting some to call it “Black November.”

Each year’s actual Cyber Monday is in November on the following Monday after Black Friday.

Cyber Monday laptop offers are likely to begin the Saturday after Black Friday and last into the second half of the week after the sale. Cyber Monday laptop deals are available from some retailers, such as Dell, just minutes after Black Friday has ended.

Others like M&S, have announced that they will not participate in the event this year due to consumer concerns over whether Black Friday provides actual value for the money. Contrary to the company’s claims, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend event kicks off the most profitable time for both businesses and consumers of the year.

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Are Computer Parts Cheaper On Black Friday Or Cyber Monday? 

Your preference for specific models will determine the optimal time to purchase computer parts. If you don’t have specific pieces in mind, you’ll be able to save a lot of money. However, keep in mind that waiting until specific part types are on offer can be costly.

Previously, Black Friday had in-store deals and Cyber Monday had online discounts, notably for computer hardware, but now you can get similar offers online in the weeks leading up to and including Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday. Similar computer parts deals can be had on both events.

However, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are not projected to be a better time to purchase items that have been in short supply, such as graphics cards. Unfortunately, the global chip scarcity continues. Below is a summary of preferred purchase time for different computer parts:


If you don’t have any specific model in mind, Cyber Monday can be a wonderful time to buy a monitor. Most individuals settle on specific monitor models, and finding discounts on the one you desire can be tough in such instances.

The monitors that go on sale are usually haphazard, so if your criteria aren’t too strict or related to a specific manufacturer, you’ll do best. 

Still, conduct your study ahead of time to get a better sense of which models are the greatest. 

CPU Coolers

In case you are looking for a good deal on a cooler, Black Friday week features the best deals on both air and closed-loop models. Discounts have ranged from $10 to $20 in previous years, but there was never a guarantee that specific models would be discounted.

Most year-round discounts are reasonable, so take advantage of them if the model you want is on sale during Black Friday.

Hard Disk Drive

Hard-disk drives with capacities of 2TB or less do not usually go on sale during Black Friday. During Cyber Monday, though, the prices are a little lower. The price distinction between Cyber Monday and regular sales throughout the year may however not be much.


Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to get a good discount on a budget case, but you may also get a good discount on higher-end versions.

Not all cases go on sale, however, if you desire a model that doesn’t go on sale very often and it hits its final historical low (or close to it), don’t miss out.

The rest of the computer parts like SSDs, keyboards, GPU’s, RAM, and peripherals prices have almost the same price range during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday Or Cyber Monday To Buy A Laptop?

It’s simple to get the newest and greatest laptop the moment it’s released, but you’ll pay a premium for it. With a little patience (and the understanding that a year-old laptop is still a great laptop), you can save a lot of money.

Cyber Monday is mostly all about technology deals, so laptops and desktop computers are always in the spotlight. True, there will be plenty of computer deals on Black Friday, but on Cyber Monday, when eBay, Newegg, and Amazon target tech shoppers, those deals are repeated (or slightly improved).

Although Black Friday laptop deals aren’t as exciting as Cyber Monday laptop offers, you’re still likely to save a lot of money where it counts. I would however recommend pursuing Cyber Monday deals rather than purchasing them on Black Friday, mostly because of the price variation.

Laptop deals on Cyber Monday are essentially an extension of Black Friday laptop deals. Although the discounts offered following that sales weekend are rarely as competitive or aggressively priced, you may still save a lot of money on great laptops on that day.

That’s not to say the Cyber Monday laptop deals aren’t worth waiting for, as you’ll almost certainly find big discounts on anything from affordable Windows machines and Chromebooks to high-end ultrabooks and Macbooks , at least if past trends are any indication.

The Best Laptop Deals- Black Friday Or Cyber Monday?

It’s all about timing when it comes to getting the greatest laptop discounts. You’ll see some discounts, particularly on Amazon, Walmart, Target, and the manufacturers’ websites. You’ll need to sign up for email alerts to be notified when laptop sales occur.

You’ll want to select something that includes all of the characteristics you desire. The quantity of memory, video card, and storage space that you require are all essential. Finding out your computer’s specifications should be a primary concern. You’ll also have to evaluate whether or not a laptop is the best option for you. Once you’ve sorted out all of that, you’ll be able to shop with ease.

Wrap Up For Black Friday And Cyber Monday Computer Parts…

Even though traditionally Black Friday has been an in person store discount fest, its event has spread not only to the onsite retailers’ websites, but to online only retailers as well. Cyber Monday which was usually an online store’s answer to Black Friday has now become simply an extension of the same event.

Similar sales and even sales extensions can be seen on Cyber Monday as Black Friday. In many instances, these dates even span up to a week that encompasses both days at the end of November (with Cyber Monday appearing some years as late as December 2nd).

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