Do Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) April Fools Events Happen?

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is a massive multiplayer online game (MMO) that has come a long way in the past several years. ESO celebrates its birthday and other events around the time of April Fools. They typically run from the the middle of March, through 1st of April to the 13th. So, do April Fools events happen in The Elder Scrolls Online?

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) does have an April Fools themed event that happens around late March to the middle of April. It is aptly called the Jester’s Festival with many quests and cosmetic items that revolve around the theme of jesters, jokes, and pranks.

Since its events happen from the 1st of April, there is no doubt that its April fools events happen because they lie on April Fools. In this article, I will touch more on Elder Scrolls Events and give you a clear picture of what it is all about. Moreover, you will know the logic behind celebrating April fools events in ESO. Let’s dive in!

What Are ESO Events?

There are times of year that The Elder Scrolls Online has special quests and loot for all players. What are these special events in ESO?

Events in ESO are a series of quests and challenges that normally revolve around actual holidays and celebrations throughout the year. They are normally themed accordingly.

ESO has brought about various events, some celebrations correspond to actual holidays and others mark ESO milestones. Some examples are:

  • Anniversary jubilee
  • New life festival (New Years themed)
  • Jester’s Festival (April fools themed)
  • Midyear mayhem (PvP event)
  • Witches festival (Halloween themed)
  • and much more

During ESO events, players can participate in the various games they offer, and there are awards for the winners.

For some of the events, their main goal is to give players a much better experience with quality of life improvements and cosmetic items. These can be obtained from loot boxes for completing event specific quests.

ESO holds some of its events to celebrate its founding and how far it has come since its incorporation. For instance, it carries out its anniversary jubilee to celebrate its birthday, and this may run from the 1st of April to the 15th.

Usually, this event runs to the 13th of April, but there can be an extension to the 15th due to the maintenance that normally happens. During each year, the PlayStation Servers and pc servers in Europe and the U.S. have their maintenance on different days. This makes the dates flexible from year to year.

To Join in on the Jubilee festival you can earn loot boxes or take advantage of the XP (experience gain) boost. To get the experience gain, all you have to do is complete its Ache For Cake quest to get its Jubilee cake each year.

If you complete their daily quests, you will receive an anniversary jubilee gift box that normally contains the same gifts year to year. Some items are only available once per year during this festival.

Most all events have a ticket system as well. You earn these once per day by completing quests. They can be spent on various items from the event vendor that appears outside of major cities.

The items that can be bought with tickets range from non-combat pets to cosmetic items to group repair kits.

Is There an April Fools Event in ESO?

Suppose you are a sucker of April Fools and also like gaming, then ESO events may be something super close to your heart. Among the many events that this online gaming platform holds, is the 1st of April and April Fools, well sort of.

The main event that ESO holds for April Fools is the Jester’s Festival, and it normally runs from the middle of March to the beginning of April. Also, it is worth noting that it is around this period, specifically from the 1st of April, that ESO celebrates its birthday.

During this day, you get to enjoy various games alongside the various games with a lot of gifts to win.

Players can engage in tons of activities during this time, among them being some fun and quirky quests. Moreover, one will be able to earn various items only available during the Jester’s Festival by performing various acts.

This is all called horizontal content in an MMO. You are not furthering the progression of your character per se (other then the xp boost), but engaging in activities to make the game richer and deeper. In return for your action, you get a better experience playing the game and can even earn several gift boxes.

Of course, for you to engage in the quests and challenges, you need to be on top of your craft, but the best part is that they are pretty exciting and engaging. Here is a list of some of the main event quests only available during this time of year…

  • The Jester’s Festival (begins the events and questlines)
  • A Foe Most Porcine
  • If Not Already There
  • The King’s Spoils
  • Prankster’s Carnival
  • Springtime Flair
  • A Noble Guest
  • Royal Revelry

Before the event kicks off, the players must speak with the various versions of the Jester. There is one outside of the main starter cities in the realms of Jorunn the Skald, Queen Hythe, and High King Emeric, usually in the Jester tents. If you have this done, then you are ready for the game.

Usually, there are different quests that one may receive daily, and some vary from one Jester to another. These allow you to earn Jester Festival rewards boxes, and they may have themed collectibles and consumables. Also, you may receive a sensational gift box that contains various goodies and fragments.

Another interesting thing about this event is that you get to throw mudballs at other players. Remember, the main event is during April fools, and it is okay to throw jokes here and there at your teammates. There are streamers and confetti and foods that you can trick your friends into eating that will make them vomit.

The event does not take place in all areas (Player vs Player areas notably are excluded). Though, most areas of the game are susceptible to the pranks. I for one have been covered in mud in nearly every city I have entered during these fesitivals.

Some of the common places where you can go and enjoy the events include Ebonheart, Vulkhel Guard, and Daggerfall among most all major cities in the game. If you live near these locations, you can get yourself a starter quest in the Crown Store, and the good thing about them is that they are free.

During the 1st of April, you get to have a great experience playing the ESO games through the Jester quests. So, if you do not enjoy the cake usually present during the anniversary, then it will be wise to try out the pies available on April fools. This time is great to make a memorable experience as you enjoy the rewards and gift boxes for the games you win.

Now that it is April fools day, you should expect that pranks will come your way anytime. For Jester events, there are normally pranks set up from one point of the cities to the other. It normally seems like people are playing a jokes continually.

Note: Many of these items take up valuable inventory space. Since they have no real gold value in the game, slinging mud balls and other gags tends to happen as soon as someone gets them.

For a holiday to run through smoothly, there are various messengers (in game quest objectives) whose task is to give instructions and supervise the game’s happenings. If you are looking to earn more XP, then sign up for these quests.

Wrapping Up ESO April Fools Events…

To begin your April Fools… err… Jester’s Festival event in ESO, simply go to the crown store and pick up the free invitation. You can then visit any of the Jesters in the event tents outside of the major starting cities of each zone.

Other than enjoying carrying out the April fools pranks, there are lots of Jester’s Festival boxes and extra XP that you can win. Now, go have some fun!


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