Does Amazon Deliver on Columbus Day? (Answered)

Amazon is among the best places that you can shop for any item of your choice and there is no doubt about it. That said, you need to be well versed with the days it does its deliveries. That is on a holiday, weekend, or weekday.

Amazon delivers 358 days out of the year, including Columbus Day. Though it has a reliable and extensive delivery record, there are seven holidays Amazon doesn’t deliver, in accordance with the most revered US holidays. A portion of their deliveries rely on the USPS, UPS, and FedEx schedules.

In this post, I’ll explore a lot in regards to Amazon delivery. You will learn whether it delivers on Columbus Day, other holidays, and weekends. Furthermore, I will also take you through UPS, FedEx, USPS, and whether they deliver on federal holidays or not, so stay tuned!


Does Amazon, UPS, USPS, And FedEx Deliver On Columbus Day?

Columbus Day occurs on the second Monday in October, established by President Roosevelt as a national holiday in 1937 (Source: History.Com). But since the day commemorating Christopher Columbus is considered a minor holiday, do packages still get delivered?

Amazon delivers on Columbus Day, along with United Parcel Service (UPS). As for FedEx, it operates on Columbus Day too, except for FedEx SmartPost. However, because Columbus Day is a federal holiday, United States Postal Service (USPS) is closed, so don’t expect a delivery from them.

Besides, Columbus Day is observed in some cities and states as the Indigenous PeoplesDay. But to learn more about Christopher Columbus, I suggest Columbus and the Crisis of the West by Robert Royal.

  • Amazon

If you are expecting your package on this day from Amazon, then you shouldn’t worry that it may not reach you and affect your schedule. Though you have to be prepared for a delay as it may not get to you on time. According to Amazon, this day is not among the paid holidays its staff normally receive. 

This doesn’t mean all other businesses will also be open. Some operate while others don’t since it’s a federal holiday. This disruption could potentially impact your delivery even though Amazon operates as usual. An example of a company/institution closed for Columbus Day are banks and credit unions. With very few exceptions, they are always closed on Columbus day. 

  • FedEx

FedEx lists that SmartPost is not open on Columbus Day. This implies all its over locations and services should be operating regularly. FedEx depends on the United States Postal Service to ship packages from SmartPost, which is probably why it’s impacted on Columbus Day (USPS is closed for the federal holiday). So to avoid any unwanted delays, you can either go for FedEx Home or ground delivery when shipping in or around Columbus Day. 

  • UPS

UPS does not operate for four days a year. That is on Thanksgiving Day, New Year’s Day, Christmas, and independence Day (July 4th). And even on these closures, its Express Critical remains operational, albeit intended for very important instances and is quite costly. Thus, UPS operates as normal for Columbus Day.

  • USPS

On Columbus day, USPS closes since this is a federal holiday and USPS is a nationally-run service. With that said, there isn’t any mail delivery done on that day as all the post offices remain closed the whole day. Therefore, if you are expecting delivery or needing to make a delivery, keep this in mind. USPS services resume the following day

Apart from not delivering on Columbus Day, USPS also doesn’t deliver on other federal holidays. For instance, Veterans Day, Presidents day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Labor Day, and Memorial Day are among the federally observed holidays in which USPS is closed.

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What Holidays Does Amazon Delivery Have Off?

Despite what most think, Amazon doesn’t run deliveries every day of the year. So knowing this, then, what holidays equal no Amazon deliveries for its customers?

Amazon delivery has seven paid holidays in which there are no deliveries made. Those are Christmas Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, Independence, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Though with Amazon making deliveries 358 days a year, it’s quite efficient.

As well, when you consider the placing of the limited 7 ‘off’ days, you can understand how the perception of Amazon delivering almost every day came about.

  • With New Year’s Day and MLK, Jr. Day honored, there are just two days off in the first quarter of the year.
  • Memorial Day is the only off delivery day in quarter two for Amazon deliveries.
  • Independence Day and Labor Day make up the two summer days off for Amazon delivery.
  • And finally in quarter four, there are the last two off days for Amazon delivery of the year: Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Does Amazon Deliver on Holidays?

As explained above, Amazon delivery does take a few holidays in observance. However, it doesn’t honor all holidays recognized in the US with days off. So what holidays does Amazon maintain delivery?

Amazon delivers on most US holidays with exception of 7. Amazon observes major US holidays with a a day off like Independence Day and Christmas Day. However, with only 7 holidays as days off, you can bet on Amazon delivery for most holidays in the US. such as Columbus Day and Veterans Day.

This means Amazon delivers packages on Columbus Day, as well as days like Christmas Eve and Valentine’s Day. However, as for others like Thanksgiving and the other six mentioned above, Amazon doesn’t deliver as it allows its employees to have an off from work.

Does USPS Deliver Amazon Packages on Holiday?

Surprisingly, USPS does deliver Amazon packages on some holidays. But remember, USPS won’t deliver on federally observed holidays. They don’t deliver on officially observed holidays like MLK, Jr. Day, Veterans Day, and Columbus Day even if Amazon has regular deliveries on these days.

In America, a postal holiday is also known as a federal holiday and is observed by USPS. According to OPM (Office of Personal Management for the US Government) in 2021, there were 12 observed federal holidays in which USPS had off because it included Inauguration Day which is celebrated every four years.

Here I’ve listed all Federal Holidays for USPS in a table for easier viewing.

Number HolidayMonth Observed
1New Year’s DayJanuary 1st
2Martin Luther King, Jr. Day3rd Monday in January
*Inauguration DayObserved every 4 years after the presidential election
3Washington’s Birthday (aka Presidents Day)3rd Monday in February
4Memorial Day Last Monday in May
5Juneteenth National Independence DayJune 19th
6Independence DayJuly 4th
7Labor Day1st Monday in September
8Columbus Day2nd Monday in October
9Veterans DayNov. 11th
10Thanksgiving Day3rd Thursday in November
11Christmas DayDec. 25th
Table Displaying Federal Holidays Observed by USPS

As well, if a holiday falls on a weekend, USPS employees are entitled to a day off on either the previous Friday or following Monday.

On this day, there is no normal mail delivery, but there are some exceptions even for USPS. For priority mail express, stuff is delivered since the service is active throughout the year. Moreover, the city carrier associates and rural carrier associates (think: contract gig workers) work on Sundays to deliver the packages from Amazon. They also do this during Amazon holidays.

Is FedEx Delivering on Sundays?

FedEx began Sunday deliveries to compete with other delivery providers.

FedEx does deliver on Sunday. Its weekend delivery services are created to tackle highly demanding online consumers, as well as just those who need timely delivery. Truth be told, as a shopper, you wouldn’t want to be among those who wait for a business day to have their items delivered after placing an order.

FedEx ships and then deliver on Sundays to help online dealers provide a favorable delivery alternative to their clients. Keep in mind that the amount of money you will spend plus the time involved during weekend delivery adjusts accordingly. 

Also understand that Amazon is competing with the other Courier firms like FedEx by giving competitive shipping services like its two-day Prime shipping. FedEx Sunday working hours allow it to compete then with Amazon by providing delivery up to eight in the evening.

This implies every city in the United States has a FedEx delivery option then for seven days a week.

Does Amazon Deliver on Sundays?

Amazon delivers on Sundays to nearly all their places of operations across the globe. With just a mere 7 days without delivery, it’s almost guaranteed you can get your Amazon packages on most Sundays of the year.

And for most prime members, this is an Amazon option that’s highly desired! Yet, believe it or not, some people might not actually want delivery on Sunday. If this is the case, Amazon also has a feature where you can opt out of Sunday deliveries, without giving a reason. Do this through your memberships account page.

But for most people, weekends are quite convenient for lots of people who need to get their packages. Professional types, for example, generally have weekends off and are available to receive their Sunday delivery.

Does Amazon Work on Christmas Eve?

Amazon is famous for their Prime deliveries and sometimes that can even mean receiving a delivery on Christmas Eve.

Though Amazon doesn’t deliver packages on Christmas Day, Amazon does have deliveries the day before, commonly called Christmas Eve. Of course, the Christmas season is very busy for deliveries so in order to receive a package on Christmas Eve, Amazon advertises that you must place your order no later than the 23rd of December.

Prime members can take advantage of Amazon’s ‘free’ delivery during this time as well, despite the busy time frame.

However, remember there is no delivery of mail/packages (in most circumstances) on Christmas Day, December 25th.

Wrapping Up Does Amazon Deliver on Columbus Day?

In short, Amazon does make deliveries on Columbus Day. Amazon does not deliver 7 days per year: New Year’s Day; MLK, Jr. Day; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Amazon has competitive and reliable deliveries, using their own trucks as well as other couriers like USPS at times. Other couriers like UPS, FedEx, and USPS have their own delivery schedule and ‘days off’. It’s wise to keep this in mind the next time you order a product on Amazon.


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