Does Six Flags Labor Day Sale Happen Every Year? (Details)

If you once got an excellent deal on a Six Flag Labor Day sale, you’d wish it happened every day. But Labor Day only happens once a year according to OPM, and there’s almost nothing proving that Six Flags will hold Labor Day sales that often. But will the Six Flags Labor Day sale happen annually?

While it sucks the Six Flags Labor Day sale isn’t guaranteed every year, you don’t need it. With numerous discounts and promotions offered by Six Flags throughout the year, you may get a better deal than you would during a Labor Day sale. And these are for all 27 North American Six Flags parks.

As someone who’s grown up attending theme parks and even once lived down the street from the most popular amusement park in America (that’s Six Flags Magic Mountain, by the way), I’m happy to share all I’ve learned about Six Flags in this article.

Read on to find out about the Six Flags Labor Day Sale, other Six Flags promotions, Six Flags history across North America, and more!


What Is Six Flags? An Overview-

Six Flags Amusement Parks have gone through many changes since its inception in 1961 (in Arlington, Texas, which is still in existence today).

Six Flags is an American corporation of amusement parks most notable for roller coasters with locations across the US, Canada, and Mexico. Headquartered in Texas, the home of its first park in 1961, it is still in existence today. In 2019 alone, Six Flags welcomed over 30 million guests.

Six Flags was established around 60 years ago by Angus G. Wynne in Arlington, Texas. The name, ‘Six Flags’, was inspired by the six bodies that have governed Texas at one time or another. They are: 1. Spain, 2. France, 3. Mexico, 4. the Republic of Texas, 5. the Confederate States of America, and currently, 6. the United States.

Six Flags’ first park wasn’t elaborate, but it set the right path for long-term success.

In 1998, Premier Parks acquired Six Flags for about $2 billion. After the acquisition, Premier Parks started to rebrand all the parks they already own to the Six Flags branding. By the year 2000, Premier Parks itself has changed its name to Six Flags Theme Parks, Inc.

On any operating day, you’ll require a ticket to access any of the numerous Six Flags theme parks scattered across the country. Six Flags boasts around 27 North American parks, but also has many international plans too, including parks in Saudi Arabia and China.

Since you get a special deal on Labor Day and the days building up to it, it’s understandable why anyone may want to know if they can get the special Labor Day deals every year. However, promotions and discounts aren’t guaranteed, though you can bet there’ll be something special throughout the year!

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Most Popular Six Flags Park

With over 30 million visitors yearly to Six Flags locations, it’s certainly popular. But which park is most popular?

Well, according to USA Today, Six Flags Magic Mountain has topped the most favorite roller coaster theme park multiple years now by readers! In fact, just as astounding, Six Flags locations boasts 9 out of the top 10 given!

I think the location of Six Flags Magic Mountain contributes to its popularity as well. After all, as someone who lived a stone’s throw from this park for several years, I can attest to its great placement. The agreeable SoCal weather is well-known, plus Los Angeles happens to be one of the most popular vacation destinations in the US!

Other Six Flags Parks

Having 27 parks in North America is quite an achievement from Six Flags’ humble beginnings. I’m not sure even Angus could recognize it now! So where are these various Six Flags?

  1. One popular location is still in Texas, now known as ‘Six Flags Over Dallas’ since the original Arlington location is a Six Flags Water Park.
  2. Then, there’s a couple more in Texas: Houston and San Antonio.
  3. Near Texas, there are Six Flags in Arizona and even Mexico.
  4. Besides the Castaic (Los Angeles) Six Flags, aka ‘Six Flags Magic Mountain’, there’s Six Flags in San Francisco, plus its Six Flags water park.
  5. Northeast has Six Flags too- in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and even Quebec, Canada.
  6. Down south, I’m quite familiar with Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta, plus it has a Six Flags water park. Growing up in neighbor, Tennessee, we often visited Six Flags Georgia as kids.
  7. The Midwest from Illinois to Missouri to Oklahoma also has their own Six Flags.

Altogether, 27 Six Flags are located in North America, in all three countries.

What Makes Six Flags Popular?

Six Flags is quite popular especially with families and older teens. Why is this?

Here are some reasons Six Flags is popular:

  • It is economical. Overall the daily ticket price for Six Flags is cheaper than other similar parks. For instance, a one-day admission ticket at Six Flags Over Georgia is $25 whereas at King’s Island in Cincinnati it’s $45 and $40 at Busch Gardens in Virginia.
  • It has the best thrills. It’s roller coasters top most favorite lists with some of the fastest, tallest, wildest rides-including a few record-breakers.
  • It’s convenient. Because of its many locations, just about everyone can visit a Six Flags somewhere in America, making it more accessible to more people.
  • It has something for all ages. From Bugs Bunny and Friends to its shows and dining, the whole family can find something to do!

What Is the Six Flags Labor Day Sale?

In 2018, Six Flags ran a Labor Day sale that saw them slash ticket prices by 75% for season tickets. This experiment turned out to be very successful, as people bought the Six Flags season ticket in record numbers. Keep in mind, the season tickets were for a half year.

If you’ve previously taken advantage of Six Flags Labor Day sales, you may want to know if they’ll be offering similar discounts on season tickets during the weekend building up to Labor Day.

Labor Day, also known as the ‘working man’s holiday’, has become synonymous with end-of-summer fun and adventure, but it was a hard-won holiday.

Unfortunately, I’d love to know that too, but there seems to be no specific pattern to Six Flags’ Labor Day deals. Therefore, there is currently no way to tell if the company will hold a Labor Day sale next year or any upcoming Labor Day.

If you’ve never used Six Flags Labor Day discounts, it slashed ticket prices by 75%.

That dipped the season ticket prices to $56.95 for most of Six Flags season pass subscriptions. Given that a season pass subscription can sell for as high as $199.99, that’s a great deal.

However, I don’t think it’s worth getting upset over, not knowing if there’ll be another Six Flags Labor Day Sale or not. Six Flags is notorious for great promotions, so you can get special discounts from Six Flags regardless.

Let’s look at this in the next section. I’ll share some ways to get amazing discounts on Six Flags subscriptions without waiting until Labor Day.

Best Six Flags Discounts to Save Money

Six Flags has become one of the least expensive amusement park chains, making it more accessible for many to attend, though it’s not always a good thing to be known as the ‘cheapest.’

Six Flags has never labeled its Labor Day sale as an annual sale, so it’s pretty difficult to tell if they’ll be holding a Labor Day sale next year. However, you can get amazing discounts from Six Flags, even without Labor Day sales.

Here are some of Six Flags’ most popular discounts and tips to help you save money when buying season passes.

  1. Get student discounts with

If you’re a student or some other specialized professionals, you can get up to a 50% discount on your season ticket when you buy using When you verify your credentials on the website, you can get amazing discounts on tickets, including but not limited to Six Flags season tickets.

When buying a single-day pass on however, it’s important to compare prices with the one listed on the Six Flags website. Sometimes, Six Flags also mark down their prices online, making better deals than what you get from

However, unless you’re using a separate discount or coupon that’s really exceptional, you’ll almost always get better deals with

By the way, teachers-like military- often get discounts, too, so be sure to check that or in my case, carry your teacher badge with you at all times!

  1. Check if you can get one for free.

For instance, if you bought a season pass for 2020, you can use it through 2021 to compensate for your inability to utilize it during the Covid pandemic. Also, you stand a chance to win two free tickets when you sign up for the Six Flags newsletter.

If you’re somehow under two years old, you can also get a ticket for free. Even if you’re over two years old already, you can help someone who isn’t (wink-wink)!

Along the same lines, check your membership options you may already have.

From AAA to credit cards to your employee benefits, you’re already given many discounts and promotions. With a little prep work, you might find discounts to theme parks, too. For example, my teacher status at several school districts over the years provided discount tickets to movie theaters and even Six Flags and Disneyland!

  1. Go in a group.

If you can get up to nine other people willing to visit the theme park, you can all get up to 50% off on your ticket prices. To ensure you get this offer, shop online for your tickets and ensure you buy the appropriate ticket for a group of 10.

If you think you can’t get nine other people willing to get Six Flags tickets, it’s because you haven’t tried! It’s not too hard to organize a trip of extended family, friends, or even co-workers, in fact! And just because you go together for the discount, doesn’t mean you have to stick together at the park!

Everyone loves discounts, and you’ll see people buy because it’s cheaper than usual.

  1. Choose a specific date.

You can save up to 60% off the ticket price by picking a specific day for your Six Flags adventure. While it’s good to get a ticket that gives you some wiggle room, I think it’s better to save about $50 on the price of a ticket.

However, once you purchase a ticket for a specific date, you can’t change it. If you’re unable to make it to the park on that day, you’ll need to either upgrade the ticket and pay the regular price or forfeit all your money without the option for a refund.

Wrapping Up the Six Flags Labor Day Sale

To wrap it up, the Six Flags Labor Day Sale isn’t a guaranteed, every year thing!

But don’t be too disappointed.

Even though the Labor Day sale was quite generous, Six Flags is known for doing really good discounts and promotions all year long! The key, though, is a bit of leg-work and prep on your part to scout the best deal for you and your family. But trust me, it’s worth the trouble!

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