Give Them A BAG OF SPRITE For A Good Laugh This Halloween!

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays ever created because it allows kids to enjoy trick or treat while wearing their best costumes. Older teenagers and adults alike can come up with unique ways to entertain the children during the scariest night of the year. But what in the world is a bag of Sprite?

Gags on Halloween like setting out bags of Sprite are a fun way to give kids and parents great stories to tell friends. Though no one would ever think of drinking an opened Sprite poured into a Ziplock baggy, it is funny to find a bowl of these with a sign telling you to take one on Halloween.

For a good laugh this Halloween, set out a bowl filled with bags of Sprite with a sign offering one instead of just candy. It is a good idea not to do this in leu of candy, unless you really want a bunch of disappointed kids.

How To Use Bags Of Sprite To Trick Kids On Halloween

When it comes to the different holidays that we celebrate on an annual basis, one of the most anticipated holidays is Halloween. Unlike other holidays that focus more on the solemnity of the occasion and on other important aspects such as religion and family, Halloween is more about children, costumes and candy.

Though it is a fairly commercial holiday, tricks, pranks, and jokes are a large part as well. This is where a Bag Of Sprite comes in.

To use bags of Sprite as a trick along side the treats this Halloween, get some Ziplock bags, 2 Liter Sprites, a bowl, and some paper for a sign. Fill the bags with Sprite and place them in the bowl outside the front door. Write, “Take One Bag Of Sprite” on the sign and wait for the confused looks.

One of the best parts about Halloween is that kids are allowed to roam around the neighborhood to knock on doors and ask for candy from different people, all while the children are wearing their most creative spooky costumes. This is basically the gist of Halloween, as the tradition called trick-or-treat has become the main star of the holiday.

However, when you look at the term “trick-or-treat”, the first word is often overlooked when it comes to Halloween. We have become so used to giving treats that we have forgotten that doing tricks can also be a fun way for us to enjoy the holiday while entertaining kids. So, with that said, it might be a good idea to look at different tricks that you can do for Halloween. And one of the most creative and unique tricks involves using a bag of Sprite.

One of the things that most homeowners do during Halloween is to simply leave candy outside the door so that the kids can simply take what they need without having to knock on the doors of the people who own the houses. So, in that regard, what you can do here is to leave a bag of Sprite just outside the door.

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Where Did A Bag Of Sprite On Halloween Start?

This joke started in Vancouver in Canada as one homeowner simply left bags of Sprite outside of his home during Halloween. The bags had a label that said: “take one”. Essentially, the joke here was to confuse children and to make them wonder what the bag of Sprite was for. 

It’s also an entirely unique take on Halloween, which focuses more on giving kids conventional candy. In this case, Sprite is just as sweet, but it isn’t exactly the same as candy. Of course, the entire goal of this trick is to give children something to wonder about the entire night because they probably wouldn’t know what to do about a bag of Sprite.

Note: Parents, if it is not already clear, these baggies are meant as a joke. Please do not let your kids drink opened drinks, no matter what they are contained in.

Some kids may want to drink the Sprite straight out of the bag, while others may want to play around with it by throwing it to one another. Then there are those who would probably just take the bag without even knowing what they’re going to do with it. In other words, it’s a trick or a prank that you can play on children without necessarily harming them or making them feel bad.

So, if kids somehow wind up on your doorstep, see these bags and wonder what they would do with them, mission accomplished. In their minds, it might be your way of giving them treats. But, in actuality, it’s really just a prank that is still in line with the mischievous spirit of Halloween.

Other Halloween Tricks Instead Of Treats Ideas

If you are looking for other cool tricks that are harmless but are still very much in line with the Halloween spirit, here are some of the tricks that may interest you:

  1. Pull my finger

The pull my finger trick has always been a classic among adults, especially for the gassier ones. So, if kids ring your doorbell and you feel like you have some spare gas that you may want to use, you can try the pull my finger trick whenever children say trick-or-treat.

This is normally done with a ‘fart machine’ or a whoopie cushion. There are many advantages as you can imagine to using these fake versions of passing gas.

By ‘giving off gas’, you will be able to give the kids a good laugh without necessarily harming or scaring them.

  1. Bloody teeth

If you have vampire teeth lying around at home, one of the things you can do is to use food coloring to give it a bloody look. Wear the teeth before opening the door for kids.

The moment they ask for treats, flash them a bloody smile while casually offering them candy. This gives them a pretty scary experience as they take candy from your bowl.

  1. Fake eye

Buy a fake eye prop that you can wear. This eye should be spring-loaded and will pop right out of the socket with a push of a button. So, what you can do here is to wear the fake eye on one of your eyes. After opening your door for kids who are trick-or-treating, you can simply pop the fake eye out to give the kids a scare right before you give them candy.

  1. Ask for their candy

This one can be fun and very confusing for the kids, but simple enough because the only thing you need is an empty bowl. So, when the kids ring your doorbell to ask for candy from you, open the door with your empty bowl.

And before they could ask for candy from you, be the first to ask candy from them to confuse them. But you should still have a bowl of candy so that you can give candy to the kids after playing your prank on them.

  1. Hide in the bushes

If you have bushes right near your door, one of the things you can do is to hide in them during trick-or-treat. The goal here is to give the kids a good scare when they knock on your door or ring your doorbell.

Jump out of the bushes after they rang your doorbell to give them a good scare. But be sure to have a bowl of candy lying around to make up for the scare you gave them.

Wrapping Up A Bag Of Sprite For Halloween…

For a fun, unique, and easy prank on Halloween that is sure to get your guests talking, set out a bowl full of bags of Sprite with a sign. You can do it for trick or treating kids and their parents or even for your party goers if you are throwing a Halloween bash.

Thanks to some ingenious Canadians, we now have one more way to make Halloween fun and memorable.

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