How Could No Plans For New Year’s Eve Be For The Best?

When the year draws to a conclusion, people typically have a lot of ideas about how they want to end it. This is generally an extensive plan that should be memorable and enjoyable. For some, plans for New Year’s are made months in advance, as December 31st is the best day to wrap up the year’s events. But what if you have no plans for New Year’s Eve? Could that be for the best?

Having no plans for New Year’s Eve could be for the best. Going out for New Year’s celebrations can be expensive, time-consuming, and even dangerous. Staying home and making your own plans for time alone or with your family can be just as fun, if not more so, with planning and proper attitude.

Considering both the good and the bad, people generally want to end the year on a high note, just as they hopefully began. Often in response to high hopes, we might have many plans for the day ahead of time, like what activities to do with family and friends, where to go, and what games to play.

Many individuals make it a point to have a good time on this day. It provides the most acceptable means to forget the year’s difficulties, if any, and to lay the groundwork for a new beginning and, ideally, a fruitful new year. This is supposedly the pinnacle of the year’s celebrations, and most individuals have a precise plan for how they want it to go down, or expectations for it nonetheless.

However, what is it that is said about ‘best laid plans’? Well, they don’t always unfold the way we intend, or happen how we expect, right? Knowing that then, a few folks do not have plans for New Year’s Eve. It might even be for the best!


Could No Plans For New Year’s Eve Be For The Best?

To be honest, ever since getting married and having kids, we’ve almost always spent New Year’s Eve quietly (well, maybe not ‘quietly’ with four kids) at home. This was exactly what we wanted.

Having no plans for New Year’s Eve could be for the best. Some like to wing it and figure out plans at the spur of the moment. Others prefer doing nothing because they want to usher in the new year quietly at home with family or on their own. Still some like to keep a regular routine and schedule.

Some people, like us, don’t like parties and the expense and hassle of getting ready. Once we had kids, we simply ignored the hustle and bustle of New Year’s expectations. We might order pizza and toast with sparkling cider instead. There have been a few years, to be completely honest, when we were all in bed asleep when midnight rolled around!

Then there are those who actually like the thrill of not making plans and seeing what the day will bring. Some simply prefer to enter the holiday season with an open mind and are ready for an exciting activity that may come their way. This has also been shown to be an excellent approach to conclude the years.

Having no preparations for New Year’s Eve may be for the best since it will help you avoid expectations and, as a result, decrease or eliminate any disappointments.

It also goes a long way toward assisting you in trying out new odd things that you had not planned. The element of surprise in doing something that was not in your plans gives a lot of beautiful sensations and moments, far more than the activities one planned.

We are usually convinced that making preparations for everything is the best approach to go. In certain circumstances, not keeping to a schedule or plan might be more beneficial than following one. When you don’t have a plan for how you want to spend your day, you have a lot of alternatives and opportunities to explore many various things that you genuinely love.

It’s certainly difficult to get stuck in a rut if you aren’t making plans and keeping to a strict routine.

But on the flipside of routine, some ignore New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day preparations because they want to stick to their normal, everyday routine. They go about their business, doing what they normally do. Thus, they don’t have any unrealistic expectations; nor are they spending too much money or wearing themselves out with parties.

Many individuals make group arrangements for New Year’s Eve and end up doing things that the group agreed on, but that they don’t enjoy. The main reason they do it is that the majority of their friends do it as well. This is sometimes one of the drawbacks of having a plan since it requires you to stick to what is on the schedule even if you have other ideas of what you might do to have fun.

Having no plans on New Year’s Eve may be more important than many people believe.

Having no plans for New Year’s Eve may also be a great approach to prevent any unexpected disappointments that may ruin your day. If you have a plan, you certainly hope that you will check everything on the program at the proper time that you have set to enjoy the entire event. This might, however, turn out to be very different. 

The sites you intended to visit or the quantity of [people you expected to host for that game night may disappoint you, or the establishments may close. This will immediately crush whatever enthusiasm you had planned for the day. People you expect to visit or host may be called away by other obligations that need their attention and presence, leaving you feeling disappointed.

If you don’t have a plan for New Year’s Eve, you can easily escape such unanticipated letdown and end up enjoying your holidays to the fullest and experiencing new odd things that will keep you engaged the entire time.

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What Should You Do If You Have No Plans For New Year’s Eve?

Now, for some though, not having plans for New Year’s Eve is a big let down or seems depressing. Considering depression is on the rise after Christmas, it might be worth being proactive about making some New Year’s plans.

In that case, I’ve addressed making plans as a family or to be with your family if you don’t live together, as well as some ideas about having New Year’s Eve or Day plans on your own.

Have a Family New Year’s Eve If You Have No New Year’s Plans

If you’re not a big party person and have never been to a New Year’s Eve celebration, a calm evening at home may be just what you need after the stressful holidays. This is what our family has enjoyed for decades!

Consider sending emotional letters or messages to friends and family, letting them know how you feel, what the year has meant to you, and what you have learned to make the celebration more memorable. These letters also serve as excellent reminders that your affection for them has not decreased even if you were unable to spend the holidays with them.

Consider sharing your New Year’s Eve or Day as a family with those without family, too. For instance, there are many elderly in nursing homes who feel very alone. Take some time to visit them. I guarantee you will be welcomed! You and your family could read a story to them; play a board game or cards together, or just chat and get to know them.

Other people spend their New Year’s Eve time baking or making delicacies. They then send or take them to acquaintances, neighbors, and family members. This is a gesture they use to show their love for them. You could also take these to those working on New Year’s Eve like firemen, policemen, and those working shifts at hospitals. It’s a wonderful way to start your new year as a family.

If heartfelt letters are a bit too much, or baking and cooking aren’t your wheelhouse, but you like creating, try making New Year’s presents for those you care about. Personally, I like to make natural lotion bars and candles. These would make wonderful gifts for others!

As a family, you can enjoy a New Year’s Eve party by decorating your home festively.

Some ideas for family New Year’s together:

  • Decorate the house using some easy to get items like these from Amazon. Add your own dance floor or ‘ball’ to drop.
  • Make New Year’s Eve treats. Research some food customs if you don’t have any and make them a part of your family’s new tradition.
  • Write out resolutions for the family. For example, make a family night resolution.
  • Visit extended family you didn’t get to visit for Christmas (or Thanksgiving).
  • Start a family hobby for the new year.

If Alone with No New Year’s Eve Plans, Make the Most of It
Even if you’re staying home on New Year’s Eve, try a new recipe and make some special treats to enjoy as a family or just on your own if you’ll be alone.

Pew Research says over 44 percent of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions. If you don’t have plans or family to be with, you can still make resolutions for yourself. From self improvement like getting healthy or learning a new skill, resolutions can be the start of your New Year’s plans.

Then, if you actually want to go out but haven’t made the plans already, you can still make plans. Perhaps contact local hotels to see what activities they offer. Hotels frequently offer special New Year’s Eve packages, and you’ll be surrounded by travelers eager to meet new acquaintances. It’s a way to meet others and who knows, you just might have fun!

You could also get involved at your church, if you attend. Maybe talk to your priest about creating a ‘New Year’s Eve’ for the parish for others without plans, like you but wanting to do something special.

Also, check with your friends (or extended family). It could be others don’t have plans but would like to do something. Together you can do New Year’s.

Maybe you don’t actually want to do anything? That’s okay too! Use the day to relax and reflect. Often the holidays were so busy we need this time to just do nothing.

Why stay up till midnight if it would only make you feel weird or you aren’t really wanting to do that? Get a jump-start on your resolutions, get to bed early, and hit the gym early on January 1st. Nothing beats waking up without a hangover on New Year’s Day.

Enjoying New Year’s Eve alone in your house can actually ‘be the plan’. This is cheap; it’s safe; and you won’t have to worry about what to wear!

Wrapping Up No Plans For New Year’s Eve Be For The Best

To wrap it up, having no plans on New Year’s Eve can definitely be for the best. It could mean leaving yourself open for some ‘awesome event’, a spur of the moment activity, or just relaxing at home alone or with your family.

So whatever you end up doing on New Year’s Eve, embrace it and smile as your new year begins!

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