How Long Does Amazon Cyber Monday Last?

Cyber Monday is the largest online shopping day in the U.S and as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, many are thinking about this instead of stuffing the turkey! That is, getting amazing Amazon Cyber Monday deals for Christmas shopping! So when exactly does Amazon Cyber Monday start and how long does Amazon Cyber Monday last?

Amazon Cyber Monday lasts for one main day, the Monday following Thanksgiving, but some deals start on Thanksgiving and continue the days leading up to Cyber Monday. Even if you miss Amazon Cyber Monday, Amazon is known for deals all holiday season, as well as low prices all year long.

I’ll discuss all the high points of Amazon Cyber Monday in this post, including a brief history of how it all got started and what kinds of items are most popular like this vacuum robot, for instance! Keep reading to learn more about Amazon Cyber Monday.


How Long Does Amazon Cyber Monday Last- Overview 

Amazon Cyber Monday is just about as popular as Black Friday now.

Amazon Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving, but often sales start as early as Thanksgiving Day! Online shopping is also popular Black Friday and the weekend before Cyber Monday and note that shifts in the calendar year also adjusts the date of Thanksgiving, affecting Cyber Monday too.

This means the dates do change as to when precisely Amazon Cyber Monday will be, so it’s only possible to know the exact date by looking up the date of Thanksgiving for each year. As well, since Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday dates change per year, so too do the ‘sales’ dates.

Just a few years ago, for instance, Amazon Cyber Monday came on the second of December since Thanksgiving was ‘later’ in November (Thanksgiving is always the fourth Thursday in November).

Therefore, if you need certain stuff, you can save the date so you do not miss it. As for the retailers, they have the opportunity to prepare the best deals before that day. They also need to have a well-designed website so they will not have any problems handling it.

Keep in mind that Cyber Monday wasn’t originally an Amazon creation. Most credit 2005 with the first ‘Cyber’ Monday event. And since ‘Cyber’ alludes to internet, it didn’t start until after the internet was common in most homes.

Black Friday is something different. Traditionally Black Friday has been the busy shopping day of the year, with retailers opening early the day after Thanksgiving for those ready to start their holiday shopping and ‘off from work’ due to the long Thanksgiving weekend. But as more and more people started shopping online, ‘Cyber Monday’ was born.

To keep from interfering between online and in-person shopping, retailers prefer to post their online sales events on the following Monday, so ‘Cyber Monday’ was set AFTER Black Friday.

Amazon also saw a rise in their business traffic along the same time that the internet became more accessible. Amazon expanded their products from just selling books to offering, well, just about everything now. Thus, ‘Amazon Cyber Monday’ set itself apart in the online holiday market!

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Popular Amazon Cyber Monday Products

  • Gift Cards-Often Amazon Cyber Monday offers huge discounts on gift cards, though the deals are ‘short lived’ and go fast! For instance, you can find $10 ‘off’ on gift cards for restaurants like O’Charleys and Panera Bread. So rather than spending $50 on your family meal, you’ll actually get the same amount of food or value for $40! Good deal, indeed! Note, you have to really look for these gift card deals because they aren’t advertised overtly.

  • Electronics (TVs, Computers, Tablets and more)- Electronics are super popular items on Amazon Cyber Monday. Because manufacturers know they are highly desired for holiday gift giving, they offer big deals, knowing they’ll go fast! Note, big box stores also offer big discounts on electronics at holidays so it pays to comparison shop before purchasing on Amazon Cyber Monday to be sure you get the most for your money.

  • Toys-Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other extended family are apt to purchase toys online for ease of sending them (i.e. ‘shipping) to the littles in the family so toys are popular Amazon Cyber Monday products. It’s also an easier way to shop for the hard-to-find ‘trend’ toy of the season by shopping on Amazon Cyber Monday.

  • Cookware– Pots, pans, and other cookware and utensils are popular products for Amazon Cyber Monday. This is because these items are typically ‘price-y’ so people are looking for a good deal. Also, the ‘size’ always fits! Most people are happy to have extra things for the kitchen too, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not the recipient already has that spatula, instant pot, or mug set!

  • Home Products– Pillows, throws, knick knacks, and even home repair tools are popular for Christmas, and thus, big sales at Amazon on Cyber Monday. Again, you don’t have to worry about getting the right size or if they already have a similar item. It’s perfectly fine to already have throw pillows if you get another one or who would possibly complain at receiving a soft throw blanket, even if you already have a few on the sofa!

Does Amazon Cyber Monday Last Past Monday? 

Cyber Monday works in an easy-to-understand way as it is mainly meant to benefit small retailers. And thus, they can be able to survive amid established brands. 

Amazon ensures there is a flash of sales on Cyber Monday. To be clear, Amazon Cyber Monday sales often continue past Monday. Though technically, those would not be ‘Cyber Monday’ discounts in name, but just holiday discounts common from Amazon.

Establishing discounts for one major day is an advertiser’s way of making the sale significant. If people come to know a certain time-frame as a good value they are more apt to shop that day. However, it also is wise for marketers to maintain some sales and discounts beyond the ‘main day’ in order to catch those who miss the first sale, and still need to shop.

Therefore, even though Cyber Monday is well-known for getting good deals, shoppers have come to learn that it’s still possible to get ‘Cyber Monday’ deals online from Amazon past Monday, throughout the whole holiday season.

Coincidentally, shoppers know that ‘after Christmas’ sales on Dec. 26th is another date for value-shopping at Amazon and other big box stores!

When Does Amazon Cyber Monday End?

There is no specific day for Amazon Cyber Monday to end, although as already mentioned, it’s technically not ‘Cyber Monday’ after Monday is over. Amazon offers deals all holiday season, and of course, is a giant for discount shopping throughout the year.

Though, Amazon Cyber Monday is set apart as the best shopping online, Amazon also offers it’s Amazon Prime day in July for value shopping. As well, other holidays have come to be known for discount shopping online and in person.

In the past, Amazon has expanded its ‘Amazon Cyber Monday’ to include days before and after the event. For example, in 2020, the deals started on 30th November and ended on December fifth which was on a Friday. Hopefully, this marketing strategy will continue in years to come!

Are Amazon Cyber Monday Products Cheaper?

It is certainly possible to get good deals on Amazon Cyber Monday but like all things, it just depends.

Amazon products will certainly be cheaper on Cyber Monday; that is why Amazon Cyber Monday is so popular. In years past, customers have seen big discounts on items such as appliances, electronics, toys, and household items.

Take note that a good number of stocks have been on online shelves for a long time, so often ‘hard to move’ items see a steep discount on Cyber Monday, too.

And since retailers have come to depend on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday to be highly profitable, as well as set the tone for holiday spending, they are prone to offering great deals to entice consumers to buy, buy, buy!

Is Amazon Cyber Monday Worth It?

It is worth buying on Cyber Monday at Amazon in comparison to other online retailers and shopping in person? For many reasons, the answer is yes!

Amazon has certainly made a name for itself in the shopping business. So why is it worth it?

  • Ease of shopping
  • Great customer service
  • Easy returns
  • Quick
  • Plethora of items
  • Highly competitive prices
  • And since they are so well-known, they’ve established themselves as a trustworthy retailer. Customers can feel confident in what they get from Amazon!

Best Amazon Cyber Monday Past Products

Although it’s impossible to provide all of the best deals from Amazon Cyber Monday, and it’s also about preference like anything, here are a few I’ve found in the past that were value, quality deals.

  • Echo Dot less than $20
  • Toshiba Smart TV with a 28% savings
  • 40% Off Waterpik & Sonic Fusion- I once got this for $20!
  • 25% Off Under Armor Gear-lots of clothing discounts to be had!
  • Dewalt Power Tools- Getting deals on tools is always worth it so if you can find them on Cyber Monday, get them quick! They go fast!

Preparing for Amazon Cyber Monday

You can prepare for Cyber Monday as a retailer in a variety of ways. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Tracking the Inventory

It is vital to keep track of your inventory and sales to have a clue of the amount you require. This is because holiday sales have a high likelihood of clearing your items fast. Besides you can do the tracking by checking your previous sales to give a standard for the next season. 

It wouldn’t be appropriate to prolong an offer you aren’t able to fill and then try to talk to your clients about it. This isn’t appropriate.

  • Engage in Paid Ads

By now you should be aware that a good percent of the holiday’s sales are produced by paid search advertisements. This is because lots of clients search to buy stuff and not just for the sake of browsing. You can do detailed keyword research to get those that will excite the right buyers. 

Remember, Cyber Monday has developed and many clients postpone shopping not until the holiday comes. This is for them to appreciate hefty discounts.

  • Get Your Website Ready

The first thing you need to do is, create a website that you’ll easily use plus a fast navigation system. Ensure it has visible access to consumer support. When you have a site that’s simple to operate you’ll love your experience and keep your clients even after the holiday is over. 

You can hire an information technology expert to structure the site so it can have a defect-tolerant database. This will be able to thrive and hold online transaction volumes plus traffic. Hence your site will be in a position to handle any quantity of traffic in different instances. 

When everything is done, you can test your website. Also, confirm if it is mobile-friendly since if it’s not you may only get a little revenue.

Likewise, as consumers there are ways to prep for Amazon Cyber Monday, too!

  • Look directly at Amazon.

Often they post what’s coming up on sale. They have features to click too, to alert you when something is marked down so you don’t miss your favorite ‘must needs’ item!

  • Watch YouTube

Type in ‘Amazon Cyber Monday’ in YouTube and you’ll find many videos of those projecting upcoming deals. Now as to how accurate they are is for you to decide!

  • Listen to news mags, sites, and business insiders.

Whether you watch news programs, read news magazines, or other, many business insiders will have information about projected sales from online and in-person retailers like Amazon and other big box stores. This is because the retailers actually send the info purposely to them to get the word out. It also generally means the information is pretty reliable.

  • Other tips for your holiday shopping-

Make lists to stay focused; wait to get big ticket items so that you buy them on sale and get the most value for your dollar; and shop around if you can before making your purchases.

Wrapping Up the Long and Last of Amazon Cyber Monday

To wrap it all up, Amazon Cyber Monday occurs the first Monday after Thanksgiving. However, shoppers can often find ‘Cyber Monday’ kinds of deals on Thanksgiving Day and the weekend leading up to Cyber Monday at Amazon and other online retailers.

As well, if you happen to be doing something besides online shopping on the five days after Thanksgiving, you can still find good deals at Amazon (and other retailers) all holiday season!

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