Is Costco Gas Open On Labor Day? (Surprising Answer)

As a Federal Holiday, Labor Day is a day when most people are free of their work duties, since the date commemorates them, the laborers. Therefore, several places are closed on this day, including some gas stations. Costco is one of the biggest gas stations in the country, and, being cheaper, many people are concerned about their availability during holidays. 

Costco is not open Labor Day, so Costco gas is also not open on Labor Day. Costco closes seven days a year: New Year’s; Easter; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving, and Christmas. To get the cheap Costco gas for Labor Day excursions, you’ll need to go a day or two early.

Labor Day is a quintessential US holiday, and as such, most retailers like to offer big sales events for consumers. However, unlike many big box stores (like Walmart, Target, etc.), Costco closes Labor Day.

This might surprise you, so read on to learn about Costco gas on Labor Day and other things about Costco shopping that makes it so popular, despite being closed Labor Day.


What is Costco? An Overview-

Costco stores are placed just about everywhere nowadays, with over 500 in North America and several more hundred around the world. And as evident from this Costco Puzzle and Hat (both available at Amazon), it’s apparently hip and cool to shop at Costco. But what makes Costco so beloved among its customers and why should anyone shop there for gas or anything else?

Costco is successful because they offer just about everything at cheaper prices than most. With a reputation for both quality and budget-friendly, it’s popular with all ages, too. Families and business owners can take advantage of the bulk shopping as well as cheaper gas prices.

Labor Day Background: Labor Day commemorates the workers, and the celebration was propagated by the American labor movement started in the late 19th century. In 1894, Labor Day became a federal holiday since over thirty states in the country celebrated this date. Ever since that date, the United States of America commemorates Labor Day every first Monday of September. 

Being the third-largest sales time of the year, several stores take advantage of the Labor Day holiday with retailers offering numerous discounts on their products. However, Costco bucks this trend by being closed on Labor Day (as well as on 6 other US major holidays!)!

Costco has continued to rise in popularity with Americans because of it’s reputation for good deals and quality.

Costco is what’s known as a membership club store. Customers must pay for an annual membership in order to shop there for their discounted items. By maintaining membership requirements, Costco is able to provide deep discounts and lower prices on their products.

Some of the most popular features of Costco are:

  • Tasting samples around the store
  • Eyecare and Pharmacy features
  • Clothing, books, and other household items
  • Furniture
  • Yard products like grills and planting materials
  • Tools
  • And yes, gas!

Costco has become so well-known for quality and pricing that some people drive to other cities just to get to the nearest Costco! But with over 500 Costcos currently in the US and over 200 outside of the US, you’re likely to find one within reasonable driving distance.

So even though Costco chooses to give their workers Labor Day off, it remains a very popular store. Some may even say this is one of the reasons why it is so popular with consumers!

Does Costco Gas Station Close on Holidays?

Having one of the cheaper gas prices, Costco gas stations stay busy just about the entire time they are open. But does Costco gas stations close on holidays?

Costco closes on most major US holidays, unlike some big box stores that remain open. Costco is closed 7 days a year: New Year’s Day; Easter Sunday; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving; and Christmas. This means Costco Gas Stations are also closed these holidays.

The hours of operation may change depending on the store’s location, yet they commonly open around 6 AM and close somewhere between 8 and 9 PM from Monday to Friday. During weekends, Costco stations are open from 7 AM to 7-8 PM.

Even so, Costco is open a big part of the year. Yet, the company takes a few days off, unlike other big-box stores. On holidays like Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and New Year’s Day, Costco closes its doors for the public. 

Costco publishes is holiday closures on its Customer Service website, so you can check it at any time to see any updates or changes.

As well, be aware that any holiday closure includes all their services, even the 2-days delivery as well as pharmacy, optometry, and gas. And as for deliveries, this means you can’t request delivery for the holidays mentioned before, nor request a delivery to be met on those days. 

But then, you can place an order with a holiday sales tax exemption during the tax-free days. You only need to send an email to with your membership number, full name, order number, products bought, state, and if was a personal or business purchase. The subject for this email is “Sales Tax Holiday Request.”

Remember Costco works under a membership system, so if you want to use any of their services you must pay a membership.

In fact, Costco’s main source of profit and revenue comes from their membership sales! However, Costco memberships are not expensive, and this also is key to keeping their services and products, including gas, less expensive.

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Can You Get Costco Gas on Labor Day?

Labor Day is always the first Monday in September, and ironically, it’s meant as a day off for American working class.

Costco is closed on Labor Day. This is true for even the same-day or 2-days delivery, as well as buying gas. However, you can check this information on the Costco website, or use the Costco Gas Locator to verify which warehouses are nearby you to use on their open days. 

The Costco Gas Locator tool is integrated into the Costco Connection app. Costco connection is a magazine itself, so with the app, you can access it whenever and wherever you need it, but also have the Gas Locator tool. By inserting the Pin Code or city name, the app will show you the gas stations nearby.

Costco has more than 800 stores all over the world, but in North America, Costco has over 500 warehouses, most of them in the United States. So, you can easily find a Costco store most anytime whenever you want. But remember, they are not 24 hours so do check ahead for their open times, as they vary on weekdays, weekends, and holidays.  

To shop at Costco, you need a membership.

There are three varieties of Costco memberships: Gold Star, Business, Executive Memberships. This makes it likely to find one to fit your personal needs.

Gold Star and Business memberships are around $60 each, and Executive membership are twice that. Keep in mind that these are annual fees, and must be renewed each year. As expected, each membership has its own features. 

When paying for any membership, you will access all the Costco services in all the countries that are established. You will receive a household card that you use in any Costco warehouse. 

Some Costco services can be acquired without the Costco membership, however. The Optical and Pharmacy services, for instance, can be used without a membership. And in most places, the ability to buy their alcohol is sans membership. Though, to use the gas stations, you will need the Costco household card.

Costco memberships are worth it if you are a big consumer. For instance, if you have a large family, you might prefer buying in bulk like what is offered at Costco. Many small businesses also like to take advantage of bulk buying so Costco is often desirable to them. As well, some companies like to offer a Costco membership ‘perk’ to their employees for free.

Many tout the Costco brand, Kirkland, too for food products and like to keep a membership just for that.

But remember, Costco, despite selling gas, isn’t a typical gas station. As someone who’s driven cross country several times, I know that most gas stations have very long hours, if not 24 hour operations.

However, Costco does not do this. Even on their open days, they have somewhat limited gas times, so again, check ahead for this to avoid any inconveniences.

TIP: You can enter Costco without a membership if you just want to look around. But to purchase most products, you will need a membership. Also, if you are not satisfied, you can get a refund on your membership in full without any problems!

What Time Does Costco Gas Pumps Open?
There are no gas station attendants at Costco, which can confuse first-time customers.

Costco stations are generally open from 6 AM to 9 PM, but during weekends, they work from 7 AM to 7-8 PM. As you can see, this is a range, so to avoid inconveniences, it’s best to check ahead. You can do this online or by calling your nearest Costco store.

Most of the stores have a similar schedules, but they may still close earlier in some places. Also, keep in mind, that the hours for the gas pumps and warehouse stores can vary too. Usually the gas pumps open a bit earlier than the warehouse stores.

Though it may seem annoying to some, Costco tries to maintain good working conditions too. This means it closes on some holidays unlike other big box stores. While Walmart and Target are open on Labor Day, for instance, Costco is not.

Costco closes 7 days a year in the United States: New Year’s Day; Easter Sunday; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving; and Christmas.

To fuel up at Costco, you must insert the membership household card to unlock the pump, and then, you pay using a Visa credit card. There is no gas station attendant, so you will need to pump your own gas, too.

TIP: The best hours to go to Costco gas stations are before the warehouse opens; it is less crowded at those hours. If the warehouse and gas station open simultaneously, you should avoid the peak hours in the station, and the rush time in the warehouse. 

And remember, even if the station gets busy, do not block the middle line. The middle line gives enough space for the drivers to move around the pumps if a car is blocking a free pump in front of it.

Moreover, Costco sells high-quality gas at competitive prices, so the stations get crowded and are often more crowded than regular gas stations because of this.

Wrapping Up Costco Gas On Labor Day

Costco is open the whole week, so you can fuel up at any moment between 6 AM to 9 PM, and from 7 AM to 7-8 PM on weekends; however, the company takes 7 days off a year and one of these is Labor Day. Thus, you cannot get Costco gas on Labor Day.

Besides being off on Labor Day, Costco is also closed these six days: New Year’s Day; Easter Sunday; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Thanksgiving; and Christmas.

It may seem inconvenient to customers/members that Costco gas is not available on Labor Day, but with Costco’s reputation for quality and low prices, it’s a small inconvenience at that!

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