Is DoorDash Busy on Easter? (Answered)

It is a modern-day convenience for overworked or busy adults to be able to order food online to eat in the comfort of their home. Likewise, there are many other situations that might cause someone to order food to be delivered to their doorstep, even on a holiday like Easter. In this case, one might wonder if DoorDash is busy on Easter (or other holidays)?

DoorDash is busy on Easter in some places, but there are locations where it’s not. Because of this, people should plan ahead if possible because the holiday impacts restaurant availability as well as the number of people working, which all influence DoorDash services on Easter and other holidays.

Whether or not people use DoorDash on Easter is affected by several things, including whether or not DoorDash is even available in the area. Below I’ve looked at what impacts this topic, why people order DoorDash on Easter (and other holidays), and some other things to consider. Please read on to learn more.


Is DoorDash Delivering on Easter?

Easter being a holiday affects several kinds of services and availability. It is also typically thought of as family holiday, so often it means large family gatherings and homemade meals. So is DoorDash even delivering on Easter?

DoorDash does deliver on Easter, but this is conditional upon where you live and restaurant availability in your area. Because it’s a holiday, DoorDash will be affected by many factors, so whether you want delivery or work for DoorDash, it’s necessary to check ahead for Easter’s impact.

Because DoorDash is so location-directed, don’t be discouraged if you need its services on Easter (or if you want to work as a DoorDash driver on the holiday for some reason). Just check ahead of time to see what’s possible.

For instance, if you live in San Francisco, it’s likely you’ll have lots of DoorDash options because according to Statista, it’s the busiest city in the US for DoorDash deliveries. But if you live in Lebanon, Tennessee, your DoorDash Easter options are close to nil!

For Users: You can order from the DoorDash app, which is super easy to use (it’s designed to be user friendly and simple for even the least tech savvy among us).

Once you set up your account and enter the address to your location, the app will give you a list of the restaurants that work with DoorDash. It will also provide information about hours of delivery. As well, if you are ordering on Easter, it will show what restaurants are open.

Keep in mind that since it’s Easter Sunday, there likely will be a longer wait time from both the restaurant perspective, as well as from the ‘dasher’ (i.e. DoorDash delivery driver). Please be patient with your driver person, and tip well regardless of wait time, since he or she will be offering a service on a holiday.

For Dashers: If you are a dasher, that is a delivery driver for DoorDash, then this will be the best time to maximize your earnings. Considering most people will be home and there’ll probably be an uptick in demand, and that Dashers/delivery personnel are limited on the holiday, you have a good opportunity for making money.

Easter Suggestion for the Dasher or User: Get into the holiday spirit with Easter eggs like the colorful plastic eggs from Amazon or your local grocer that can be filled with candy, trinkets, or a kind note. Give one to whomever you encounter that Easter Sunday and watch them smile, whether you’re making a delivery to someone’s house or opening the door to your Dasher!

Reasons People Would Use DoorDash On Easter

The CDC tells us 1 in 6 adults will experience depression at some point in their lives and that depression affects 16 million adults every year! As well, according to the Mayo Clinic, the holidays is a common time for depression in people.

Because of this, some people choose to work on holidays like Easter rather than be home alone and depressed. This means places like DoorDash are often good job opportunities for people either as a main job or ‘side hustle’.

As well, other people might prefer to not cook on holidays like Easter. Sometimes it’s a way to reduce stress by taking out the hassle of cooking (and cleaning). Other times, some people are home alone or don’t have large families to cook for, so they’d rather order food on Easter to be delivered.

Besides these instances, DoorDash is used on Easter like it is used any other day of the year. There are people who prefer to have fast food or restaurant meals delivered instead of cooking. Maybe they are just too busy to cook, don’t enjoy cooking, or don’t know how. DoorDash is a good option for them.

There are also people who have medical needs that prohibit them from cooking, or just make it extra difficult. Those people might use DoorDash instead, whether it’s Easter or just a regular ol’ day of the year.

Reasons People Don’t Use DoorDash on Easter

DoorDash is also affected on Easter because in some places, people are less likely to order ‘takeout’ on a family-focused holiday like Easter. For some, ordering food on Easter is an unlikely as ordering food on Thanksgiving…it just doesn’t happen!

So what are some reasons people don’t use DoorDash on Easter, then?

Many people expect homecooked meals on major holidays like Easter. This is especially true when the holiday falls on a Sunday. Being from the south, for example, Sunday is considered a day for homecooking and family meals; it’s doubly so when you pair a holiday with Sunday then!

Another reason people don’t use DoorDash on Easter is that many people are less rushed since they have the day off (being a holiday). As such, those who aren’t enjoying a ‘home cooked meal’ are apt to dine out for their holiday feast. Many restaurants enjoy a spike in business on Easter Sunday, requiring reservations even!

Therefore, there’s a good amount who prefer to go out to eat and make their Easter ‘a big deal’ and wouldn’t dream of ordering food to be delivered.

So again, whether or not DoorDash is busy on Easter Sunday really is locale-specific!

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What are the Busiest Days for DoorDash?

Drivers (aka ‘gig workers’) for DoorDash can maximize their pay by doing some research and learning tips and strategies from experienced people.

Every day is different for DoorDash. Some days will be extremely busy, while others will be regular and slow. There’s also a variation in ‘busy-ness’ throughout the day, with most saying it’s busy around common eating times and slow the farther away from common eating times it is.

As well, DoorDash ‘busy times’ depend on whether it is a holiday, weekend, or a typical day of the week. How busy the days will be also depends on your area as explained before.

That being said, it seems that Sundays are one of the busiest days for DoorDash, making them the best days for working as a Dasher, but maybe not so great for users who want food quickly. On Sundays, delivery people can expect to be active from morning to evening!

Every hour is a peak hour for Doordash on a Sunday.

Most people tend to order brunch on Sundays, so this will be great for you as a rider. You can work on Sunday early morning then get orders for brunch and those for lunch. Technically, you can work on as many orders as you want within a short time.

As well, if you want to order from DoorDash on a Sunday, keep in mind that other people do too…many it’s going to be slower for you to get your food in most cases.

Although weekends can be busy for DoorDash, new drivers can find busy times throughout the week too, depending on where you live.

However, as stated already, this is always conditional upon your specific location. So the only way to really gauge it, is to try it for yourself!

Is DoorDash Busy on Weekends?

Weekends are some of the busiest times for Doordash, especially considering that Sunday is the busiest day of the whole week. Many people happen to be home more on weekends and for varying reasons prefer to order food to be delivered. So if you want DoorDash on a weekend, keep this in mind.

On weekends, especially late in the evenings, Dashers stay quite busy due to the bulk of deliveries ordered then. The peak time during weekends is usually between 5 PM and 9 PM. But there are days when weekend busy times extend to 2 or 3 AM.

Sometimes weekends get especially busy for DoorDash because people are drinking alcohol (being off work and relaxing or having ‘parties’) and don’t want to drive while intoxicated or under the influence. It is often safer to order DoorDash food rather than take the risk and drive for takeout yourself.

But what about Easter weekends, then? Easter weekends typically run from Thursday through Monday, so during this time, Doordash could be very busy (depending on your region). If you are a Dasher, it’s possible to make a lot of money because of Easter demand for delivery.

Do Scheduling Orders Work on Easter?

Doordash typically allows the scheduling of orders for their customers. This means you can schedule an order at any day and time, even during the Easter weekend, despite it being super busy. Scheduling (in advance) allows you to get your order at the exact time you want it to reach you.

When scheduling, the customer creates an order a day or so before. For instance, you can make your order that you want to be delivered tomorrow at 1 PM. Once the order processing is over, it will appear on your tablet as a Scheduled order. The restaurant is given notice of your order and will have it available for the Dasher at the time you want it delivered.

For many customers, using the DoorDash ‘scheduling’ option is a big help!

Scheduling orders will be a great option during a busy weekend such as Easter, especially if you want to avoid the last-minute hassle of ordering your food. You will be able to get your order on time, and it will still be fresh since the restaurant will wait to prepare it close to your preferred time.

Wrapping Up Is DoorDash Busy on Easter?

To wrap it up, know that DoorDash delivers* on Easter and it can be a very busy time for them, affecting how soon you can expect your delivery. However, it’s really contingent on location.

To be certain, check in your area in advance if possible to find out how DoorDash (and restaurant business in general) fares on Easter Sunday.

*And keep in mind that nowadays, DoorDash can deliver MORE than food. So if you need a convenience item on Easter from toothpaste to toilet paper, your Dasher can likely help!

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