Is GameStop Open Labor Day? (Answered)

I remember when my oldest would beg me to take him to GameStop after school and I’d inevitably give in. Just recently GameStop made headlines regarding their surge in stocks, and this had me wondering how they defy odds in the age of instant streaming. Given that, what are GameStop hours and are they open for holidays like Labor Day?

GameStop is open on Labor Day for regular operating hours, contrary to the holiday implication. Since many people including kids are off Labor Day, GameStop takes advantage of the added leisure time to be available for customers. In fact, GameStop has a reputation for extended working hours.

As a mom of ‘gamers’ and a former teacher of student-gamers, I’m somewhat familiar with GameStop and what it offers to consumers. As such, I’ll address GameStop’s popularity; its practices; and operating hours on both regular days and holidays, including if GameStop is open on Labor Day. Read on!


GameStop- A Brief Overview

GameStop is a retail business that focuses mainly on video games: selling them and their accessories, as well as providing a community base for ‘gamers.’

So in case you’re not up to speed on GameStop, let’s go over it in a nutshell.

GameStop is the largest video game retail store in the world selling new and used games, giving consumers variety and price ranges. It also sells accessories like consoles and controllers, as well as electronics and collectibles. GameStop has a devoted following around its social community too.

GameStop has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for collectibles, special order items, or the latest and finest in video game entertainment. Just a cursory look at their online shop let’s you know that even the novice gamer or full-on gaming pro can find something of interest!

Some options include:

  • Elden Ring for Xbox series at $59.99 (On Amazon you’ll find the same item for $59.99 too, making GameStop competitive in the market.)
  • Nintendo Switch Console in Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-con, refurbished, at $289.99
  • Skinit Hello Kitty Sitting Skin Bundle for PlayStation for $39.99
  • Funko POP! Heroes: Batman and The Joker 2 Pack Vinyl Figure for $18.39
  • Pokemon Snorlax Novelty Mug at $19.99

And in addition to the items above, the online store also has blankets, cell phones, and even curtains. Now granted, not all merchandise is available at every single GameStop globally, but you’ll still find plenty of diverse and interesting items-great for gifting others, or yourself!

Just in case you think GameStop is fading, they currently have over 4000 stores from the US (the bulk) and Canada to New Zealand and Australia.

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GameStop has defied odds by remaining in business considering this is the age of instant entertainment (i.e. ‘streaming services’). So how have they managed this?

Well there are a few things that’s kept GameStop appealing to customers.

For one, many people simply like to ‘go to the store’ and shop around. They enjoy the outing of looking at merchandise in person, holding it, looking at the attractive displays and so on. For some families, they make a whole day out of it. Going to GameStop can actually be a way to spend several hours, for young and old alike!

Also, GameStop has kept themselves in demand due to their sales and promotional events. GameStop is well known for running specials throughout the year, including holidays, that bring in crowds. Labor Day is a holiday where GameStop likes to run specials because it’s not a family-centric holiday.

What I mean is that holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas tend to keep families at home, so families aren’t thinking about shopping. However, holidays like Memorial Day and Labor Day in which families have time off but really not a lot of traditional things to do, are more popular for spending time shopping, going to malls, and so forth, so GameStop can capitalize on that.

Last, one of the reasons GameStop maintains popularity is its strong community. Lots of gamers use GameStop as a meeting spot for discussing games; and many people feel very nostalgic about GameStop and want to patron it directly to keep the ‘old school’ stores in business.

Does GameStop Have Regular Hours On Labor Day?

So what do consumers need to know about GameStop shopping hours on Labor Day? As well, what about GameStop hours on regular days should readers be aware of?

On Labor Day, most GameStop shops are not only open, but operating at regular business hours. This typically means opening between 10AM to noon and closing around 8PM to 10PM. There’s a range because individual GameStops adjusts their hours for their specific locale.

For example within my location, there are 5 GameStop locations within a 20 mile radius and each one operates at different hours, but all within a similar range of each other. Here’s a table showing that differentiation.

LocationMonday-Thursday HoursFriday-Saturday HoursSunday Hours
Oak Ridge12PM-9PM 10AM-9PM11AM-7PM
Turkey Creek in Knoxville10AM-9PM10AM-9PM11AM-7PM
Clinton HWY in Knoxville8AM-10PM8AM-10PM11AM-8PM
West Town Mall in Knoxville11AM-8PM10AM-9PM12PM-6PM
Lenoir City11AM-8PM10AM-9PM11AM-7PM
Table Showing Examples of Differing Operating Hours at Various GameStop Locations

So considering GameStop locations often have a range in their regular hours, what does it mean for Labor Day and other holidays?

Well on Labor Day, GameStops have their regular hours. So it just depends on each store as to whether they’re open at 8AM or noon for that matter, and of course, it depends on their exact ‘Monday’ schedule. So given the examples listed in the table above, at the Oak Ridge location, GameStop would be open from noon to 9PM while at West Town Mall, GameStop opens from 11AM and closes at 8PM.

So with that info, it’s prudent to phone or look online beforehand for your specific store to know the Labor Day/Monday operation hours.

Also, keep in mind, that individual GameStop retail stores might adjust this and extend it for the holiday, particularly if they’re running a special Labor Day promotion. Sometimes, these promotions have a party like vibe and stay open til midnight even!

Is GameStop Open On Sunday?

There’s a recent trend in retail/service stores to have Sundays off. So is GameStop open on Sundays?

GameStop is open on Sunday. It seems that there are only two major holidays GameStop actually closes: New Year’s Day and Christmas Day, in general. So if either holiday is on a Sunday, then that’s one (or two) Sundays GameStop is closed. Otherwise, GameStop is open Sundays.

Again, though, check your locale GameStop for their particular ‘Sunday hours’ as GameStop tends to adjust their operation times for their specific geographic demand. And remember that Sunday has reduced hours at GameStop overall.

Businesses Well-Known For Closing On Sunday:

  • Chick-Fil-A
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Most All Car Dealerships

To be clear, most businesses that rely on customer service like retail and eateries are open on Sundays in the US. However, many of them will have limited or reduced operating hours, so there’s still some distinction between being open on Sunday in comparison to the rest of the week.

Does GameStop Have A Labor Day Sale?

Just like most all holidays, GameStop takes advantage of the ‘holiday hype’ and knowing that many people will have time off by holding promotional events and sales/discounts.

GameStop is known for its big Labor Day sales as well as sales on most major holidays. These sales include deep discounts on some of their most popular gaming products like PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch titles, as well as video games, used and new, sometimes as much as 50 percent off.

With time-off like a good deal of many Americans on Labor Day, it seems, then, that it’s a perfect time to browse the gaming aisles of GameStop. You’re likely to find specials on hot items like consoles and popular video games, but also on overstock or collectibles that might need to be moved off shelves to make room for other items.

So remember, on Labor Day, you’re not only going to find that GameStop shops are open, but they’ll be open for their normal Monday hours. And not only that, they’ll more than likely have some big sales and promotions going on, making it a very good time to do some game shopping indeed!

Wrapping Up GameStop On Labor Day

So what’s to know to wrap this up? Regarding whether or not GameStop is open on Labor Day, the answer is yes. You can most certainly find that your local GameStop shop is indeed operating as usual on Labor Day. This means it will keep it’s regular Monday hours.

Keep in mind that GameStop retail stores maintain operating hours that are flexible to their location. In other words, it’s a range. In my area alone, I found five GameStops and not one had the same hours all week as another. It’s wise to call ahead to be sure!

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