Is Happy Early Easter Okay To Say? (Answered)

Exchanging pleasantries during celebratory times is one of the traditions to mark special occasions. Although when it comes to religious celebrations like Easter, you need to know what is appropriate (and not) when greeting friends, family, and even strangers. Otherwise, your pleasantries may turn out to be quite unpleasant. So is Happy Early Easter okay to say?

‘Happy Early Easter’ is okay to say; though to be sure, pay attention to local social cues regarding religious holidays. Generally, for Christians, saying Happy Early Easter to friends and family is a way to show excitement for the coming celebration, while for strangers, it’s a cultural nicety.

But keep in mind, whether or not you should say ‘Happy Early Easter’ often depends on the circumstances. Generally, if you’re speaking with or writing friends or family (who celebrate Easter) before Easter, and you’re not certain you’ll speak with them or write them on Easter, then you can tell them ‘Happy Early Easter. ‘

If you are talking to strangers such as the supermarket check-out employee, you might wish them ‘Happy Early Easter’ a few days before Easter without much cause for concern, especially in the US where Easter has as many non-religious connotations as religious nowadays.

As a Catholic, Easter is extremely important to me, so I’ve looked into this question with high interest. Below I’ve shared some things I’ve learned regarding saying, ‘Happy Early Easter.’


Can You Say ‘Happy Easter’ Before Easter?

Though it makes sense to say ‘Happy Easter’ on Easter Sunday itself, what about saying it a bit early and just how early is appropriate?

It’s common for people to say Happy Easter on Easter Sunday. However, it’s okay to wish someone a ‘Happy Easter’ before Easter, too. Since Easter is the period for celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, then the word “happy” is considered especially appropriate, too.

When you greet someone at church a few days before Easter, you might say ‘Happy Easter’ or even ‘Happy Early Easter’. If you see someone at the supermarket a few days before Easter, you might also greet or say goodbye using the pleasantry, ‘Happy Easter.’ This is just fine!

However, if it’s more than a week before Easter, it’s not really appropriate. No one is likely to take offense, but you might garner some curious looks being so ‘early’, and it’s unlikely that someone will reciprocate the saying back to you.

When writing someone, such as in an email or even snail mail (not as common today), who usually celebrates Easter, you can wish them ‘Happy Easter’ in closing, even if it’s not yet Easter. Especially if you’re certain you won’t be contacting them again until after the Easter celebration, you can wish them a Happy Easter before the actual day, even if it’s more than a week away.

Many people like to decorate indoors and outside weeks or even months before the holiday too- one reason it’s often called ‘holiday season’ nowadays. For example, some put yard signs and flags for Easter/Spring like these (at Amazon) the first hint warmer weather appears, ready to proclaim winter is behind us.

Is that okay since it’s before Easter? Of course it is! Likewise, saying ‘Happy Easter’ early in person is too!

Furthermore, you can also send Easter cards or presents before Easter. In fact, that’s the way to ensure it’s received by the actual holiday because it’s not feasible in most places to deliver on Easter day.

This is especially helpful if the recipient lives far away.

I prefer to send my Easter cards and gifts to the grandkids weeks ahead of time (no later than two weeks to be clear) to ensure they have ‘Oma’s love’ by Easter Sunday.

So to recap:

  • It’s okay to say ‘Happy Easter’ early or ‘Happy Early Easter’ a few days or so beforehand.
  • It’s also okay to post ‘Happy Easter’ early in your yard decorations up to a month before.
  • It’s certainly okay to write ‘Happy Easter’ early or ‘Happy Early Easter’ to those who celebrate it.
  • And it’s okay to send cards and gifts ‘early’ for Easter, about 2-3 weeks in advanced.

Is It Okay To Say Happy Easter On Good Friday?

Good Friday is extremely important to Catholics and as such, is a day of obligation for fasting and abstinence.

Before Easter comes ‘Good Friday.’ Good Friday is one of the days in Holy Week, the week leading up to Easter Sunday. However, Good Friday is solemn and not celebratory in the sense of most holidays.

It is generally not okay to say ‘Happy Easter’ on Good Friday. Good Friday is a solemn day of remembrance of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ prior to Easter. In fact, for Catholics, it is a time for fasting and abstinence. Thus, using ‘happy’ implies celebration and is inappropriate.

That being the case, telling someone to have a Happy Easter on a Good Friday is slightly out of place. It’s like saying ‘it’s happy we’re at a funeral.’ Though to be clear, if you do wish someone ‘Happy Easter’ or ‘Happy Early Easter’ on the Friday prior to Easter Sunday, whether it’s family, a friend, or the store clerk, you’re probably not going to seriously offend or face backlash.

On the other hand, you may go ahead and send Easter wishes during Holy Week, and if they arrive on Good Friday then, so be it. I just try my best to time it to be delivered before Good Friday (or after on Saturday).

Furthermore, what about ‘Good Friday’ wishes? As a practicing Catholic, I’ve often heard other Catholics wish each other on Good Friday ‘Have a blessed Good Friday’ or ‘Happy Good Friday.’ Some just say ‘God Bless You’. But for all, the delivery is not joyous but reverent in tone. So although it’s not really appropriate to think of this sacrificial day as happy, Christians know that it’s fundamental to our religious faith and in that sense, it is happy indeed!

Thus, when thinking about wishing someone ‘Happy Easter’ on Good Friday, just keep in mind what Easter and Good Friday means to the person. If you know they are religious and celebrate Holy Week, avoid wishing ‘Happy Easter’. If it’s someone in passing, then it’s probably just fine to say ‘Happy Easter’ or ‘Happy Early Easter’, keeping with your cultural climate.

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When Is The Best Time To Say Happy Easter?

Since Easter is an important aspect to the Christian faith, it’s celebrated all over the world, and thus said in many different languages.

There are also some things to keep in mind regarding when is the best time to say Happy Easter.

The best time to say Happy Easter is Easter Sunday (and in some places, Easter Monday). However, it is also appropriate to wish Happy Easter or Happy Early Easter up to a week beforehand, particularly if you won’t see the person on Easter Sunday or Monday.

As well, to be even more specific, it’s best to wish ‘Happy Easter’ immediately when greeting someone on Easter Sunday (or Monday). Although not as common, you might also wish someone Happy Easter upon saying goodbye as in ‘Have a Happy Easter!’

In some areas (though not the US) the Monday following Easter Sunday is called ‘Easter Monday’ and is a national holiday.

For gifts and cards, you’ll want to wish ‘Happy Easter’ early enough so that it is received before Easter but not so early that it’s confusing. For instance, it won’t make sense to send an Easter gift or card with ‘Happy Easter’ in February when Valentine’s Day would be more appropriate to acknowledge.

However, you also won’t want to wait too late to send Happy Easter gifts or cards to friends or loved ones, because it’s not very thoughtful or loving to be late. It seems like you ‘thought of them’ hardly at all, sending it the last minute.

What Can You Say Instead Of ‘Happy Early Easter’?

Saying ‘Happy Early Easter’ is just fine! As explained already, it’s generally a sign of impending celebration and goodwill to others.

Saying ‘Happy Early Easter’ is also a way to impart good wishes to someone but also recognize that you realize it’s not actually the date yet. It’s essentially a way to celebrate ‘accurately’.

Sometimes, even, it’s actually best to say ‘Happy Early Easter’ because you might not get the chance to wish them ‘Happy Easter’ on the day, for one reason or another. However, there are other things you can say instead of ‘Happy Early Easter’ if you wish!

Here are a few listed below to consider next Easter season:

  • Good wishes this Easter holiday!
  • Early Happy Easter!
  • Happy Easter-Eve!
  • Happy Jesus Day!
  • Happy Resurrection Day!
  • Happy Easter in Advance!
  • Blessed Early Easter Day!

Wrapping Up Happy Early Easter

To wrap it all up, remember the reason for the season! Easter is a day to celebrate the most loving gesture ever made! So in that regard, wishing someone ‘Happy Early Easter’ should definitely not be given, taken, or mistaken as anything more than wishing someone love and happiness, period!

In that regard, you may wish ‘Happy Easter’ early or ‘Happy Early Easter’ to your family and friends up to a week before Easter, or to people you encounter as long as it seems situationally acceptable. And for that, use your best judgment!

For written correspondence, it’s okay to wish Early Happy Easter if you know the person celebrates the holiday. And don’t forget, if you send gifts or cards, to plan it so that they arrive before Easter and preferably not on solemn, Good Friday!

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