Is There A Steam Cyber Monday Sale? (Answered)

Who doesn’t like discounts and offers? With Steam, you often get seasonal offers for certain game purchases and that helps in saving money a lot. If you are a fan of gaming you might be wondering if Steam has a Cyber Monday Sale.

Steam has a Cyber Monday Sale, and during that time, Steam is known for offers on a variety of their best-selling games, drastically lowering costs. The exact date is usually given a few weeks prior. That means when the time comes, you can sit back, relax, and take advantage of Steam’s best game offers.

Does steam do sales on Cyber Monday? Does steam do a Black Friday deal? What are the tips To save on steam purchases? Read on to find out.


Does Steam Do Sales On Cyber Monday? 

The start dates of Steam Sales are kept a well-guarded secret by Valve, however, they frequently leak out before the sales begin. Although developers and partners are informed, buyers are not given that information since they would prefer to wait for the discounts if they knew when they will be available.

Steam tends to hold Cyber Monday Sales. The Black Friday discounts on Steam are repeated or prolonged until Cyber Monday, which is the Monday following Thanksgiving. As a result, the entire time of sales is commonly referred to as “Black Week” or “Cyber Week.”

Limited-time sales on games from select developers are also available from time to time. Most popular games are heavily discounted during Steam’s deals. You can keep track of when games you’re interested in reduce in price by adding them to your wishlist.

Steam usually has two major annual discounts, the Summer Sale and the Holiday or Winter Sale, each run roughly two weeks. The commencement date for the Summer Sale has been varied, ranging from mid-June to mid-July. 

The Holiday Sale follows a more consistent pattern, beginning a few days before Christmas and ending just after New Year’s. During the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, Steam also offers a shorter event known as the Autumn Sale.

Does Steam Do A Black Friday Deal?

The name “Black Friday” has historically been associated with the Friday after Thanksgiving. For many retailers, however, “Black Friday” is simply a marketing term for promotions that begin weeks before the actual X-Day in question. 

Instead of Black Friday deals, Steam offers Steam Autumn Sale. The Steam Autumn Sale normally begins two days before Black Friday, i.e on November 24. This extends through the Cyber Monday sale period most online retailers utilize to offer their pre-holiday deals.

Note: ‘Black Friday’ conveys a sense of monetary gain and doesn’t have anything to do with the color itself, statements about the morality of consumerism, or even the race of a specific group of people.

The term ‘in the red’ refers to losing money in a business and commercial context while being ‘in the black’ points to positive profit margins. With the Christmas season being the most profitable time of the year for many retailers and businesses, ‘Black Friday’ signals the time of the year they move from ‘in the red’ to ‘in the black’.

Valve usually makes their deals available a few days ahead of time, and they usually coincide with an interactive event that you can participate in on Steam.

This means that you can potentially see some fantastic deals a few days before Black Friday, but they also have ‘deals of the day,’ which means you’ll be able to see even deeper discounts on your favorite games throughout the event. 

Based on previous experience, you should expect the sale event to run around a week. The Autumn Sale is one of Steam’s smaller annual events, with fewer huge discounts and a lower quantity of discounted games than the Summer or Winter sales.

These promotions are ideal for finding huge discounts on a wide range of titles. Steam used to try to keep customers glued to their computers for the duration of the event by offering many limited-time daily deals, flash discounts, and community choice sales, but recent sales have offered games at a single discounted price for the duration of the event. 

While this may mean that the deepest discounts are no longer available, it also means that getting the greatest discounts requires far less guesswork.

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What Is The Best Sale Time On Steam?

For casual and hard core gamers of all ages, Steam with its massive AAA and indie selection offers immediate access and sometimes very affordable options for most every genre of the video gaming industry. In order to take advantage of the cost saving deals, one needs an insider’s view of what sales to wait for. So, what is the best sale time on Steam?

The Summer Steam Sale is by far the most anticipated and money saving event on the major AAA titles. This sale happens 6 months after the major Christmas holiday release of many major games on the market. This long after a major release sees the most price slashing deals on new offerings.

This is not to say that the Autumn and Christmas holiday sales are not great opportunities to get some good deals. Many publisher specific sales throughout the year are also great chances to score huge discounts.

There are also some great sales on older games and indie titles in many of the sales throughout the year on Steam.

What I am saying is that if you are in the market for one of the newer, high budget titles from major development groups, the Summer sale will end up being your best bet.

Here are some of the better deals I have gotten on games in different sales…

No sale on steam is the same and some games will see major cuts while others only slight discounts or nothing at all.

Tips To Save On Steam Purchases

To make the most out of the limited time Steam offers their deals, it is best to follow a few guidelines. This can make certain that you get the titles you want for a price you can afford.

Make A Wish List To Get Updates When Discounts Are Available

Steam offers a steady stream of offers on individual titles in addition to its huge sales. It’s impossible to keep track of all the offers, especially when many of them are for items you already own or aren’t interested in.

You’ll receive an email anytime a title in your Steam Wishlist earns a discount. Plus, during huge deals, you can just go to your Wishlist page to see all of the available discounts on the titles you want.

When Making A Decision, Take Your Time

Don’t feel pressured to buy everything you’re interested in at once because Steam Sales usually run a few weeks. Take a moment to consider it. 

Take a few days to think about if each game is something you’ll want to play when you have some free time in the near future. If you don’t, you should put your money towards something else.

You Can Save More With Friends

If you have friends who want to split a bundle or have old pals you’d like to get a small gift for, you can often obtain even better deals on multiplayer games. Many games with multiplayer capabilities are sold in four-packs for the price of “buy three, get one free.” When Steam lowers the price of a game, multipacks and DLC often receive the same percentage-off discount, allowing you to save twice as much.

Look For ‘Hidden’ Sales

Checking the Steam Store site for a fantastic price on a specific title may alert you, but the publisher regularly extends the same discount to other similar titles – even if they aren’t featured in the headline. You’ll often find that previous titles in a game series have received a comparable discount if you look around.

Stock Up On Indie Treats

In Huge Steam Sales, you can get big percentage discounts on big-budget titles, yet even with a significant discount, some games can still cost as low as $20. If you want to get the most out of a Steam sale, look for quality independent games that are only a few bucks or even cents.

You Can Always Hold Out For A Better Deal

You might as well wait till the next big Steam deal rolls around if you’re not going to play a game. As the annual sales pass, the reductions are likely to rise, all as you clear your backlog.

Because there are no daily or flash specials these days, it’s also much easier to put off a purchase.

Wrapping Up Steam Cyber Monday Sales…

I know I always look forward to the Steam sale times. It is not only a time to get some of offerings from the larger names in game development, but a great way to try out some smaller games and developers. I have found some real gems this way.

If you are looking for a Cyber Monday Steam sale, then what you are really looking for is their sale termed the Autumn sale. This encompasses both ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ into one week long event.

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