What About Uber on Christmas Day? Open, Expensive, Busy

With 9 out of 10 people celebrating Christmas in the US each year, plus most having the day or even week off (OPM), it means there’s going to be a lot of running around. As such, it’ll be great to know what to expect regarding the availability and cost of Uber during the holidays, especially on Christmas Day.

Uber in general is available on Christmas Day, but busyness and cost vary by location because some cities charge more per mile and minute than others, affecting demand. And on holidays the Uber surge pricing component is much higher, meaning Uber will cost more everywhere on Christmas Day.

While Uber will still be available on Christmas day, there won’t be so many drivers available. Of course, you know why: many people who drive Uber would rather spend the holiday with family and friends. And while everyone wants to make some money, family often comes first, as it should, during Christmas. That being the case, there will be fewer Ubers available, but more people ordering rides.

Furthermore, the rides will be more expensive. Christmas weather is not usually the best, which means drivers will be slower, affecting the ‘wait time’ for the limited Ubers. In addition, special events and the rush hour traffic can make the demand for Ubers outweigh the supply. An unusually large number of potential riders may request rides with Uber simultaneously, and as a result, rides can become more expensive.

Read on to learn more about Uber on holidays, especially Christmas Day!


Does Uber Run on Christmas Day?

Some Uber drivers turn working on the holidays into an asset by decorating their cars and playing holiday music to entertain their guests, in hopes of inspiring festive tipping!

Uber will run on Christmas Day in cities where it’s usually available. Wait time will be longer than normal though, because Uber demand on holidays like Christmas outpace supply. You can reserve Uber in advance if you know ahead of time when you’ll need it to ensure your Uber on Christmas Day.

Uber remains operational even during the holidays and is especially in demand on Christmas days due to the unavailability of some drivers because of the actual holidays making it so busy. Kind of creating a ‘catch 22’ situation for Uber.

Unlike some other businesses closed during the holidays, Uber remains open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day because more people need to get around, yet there are fewer taxis and limited public transportation.

For many drivers, the holidays are a time to relax and get some family time. But some of the riders don’t have any Christmas plans, and while that may be very sad, it does not mean they can’t use that time to earn some money driving. So some drivers choose to work on Christmas days.

And of course, there are those people who work because they just need the money. One bonus of being an Uber driver, too, means you can set your own schedule. Thus, Uber drivers can work in shorter shifts on Christmas, carving out the best time to work while also allowing for family ‘holiday time.’

But it’s absolutely true that Uber has less drivers on holidays, especially Christmas. Yet Christmas is a busy day for needing Uber rides. As a result, there may be fewer rides and more customers.

If you find that you are having trouble getting an Uber on Christmas Day, it’s not because Uber is closed (like most retail stores, for instance). Uber is running, just slower than usual (that is, if you don’t live in one of the few places that has banned Uber and/or ride-sharing!)

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Do People Use Uber on Christmas?

Many may wonder is Uber even used on Christmas? Should Uber close like Walmart and other retail so that it’s employees can be with family on the holidays?

People use Uber on Christmas. In many places it’s the busiest day of the year for Uber. Some people prefer Uber due to traffic and weather annoyances for driving. As well, public transportation is usually limited on Christmas day making it an inconvenient option.

Reasons people need Uber on Christmas:

  • Driving is necessary for visiting friends and family.
  • Driving in traffic and bad weather is annoying.
  • Public transportation is limited on holidays as most cities do a ‘holiday schedule’ with fewer runs.
  • Uber can ease stress of holiday driving and be more convenient than buses and taxis.

Is Christmas Day Busy for Uber?

Christmas is one of the busiest days for Uber, if not the busiest. With more people looking to get around and fewer drivers for Uber, it’s usually hectic. Often, Christmas Even is even busier because many visit friends and family the night before Christmas, or go to Mass or other religious services.

According to Uber, there are fewer Uber drivers on the road at Christmas, but so many more customers trying to get to various places in very little time.

Most of the riders are going to the airport or doing some last-minute shopping for Christmas presents, and some even go to work on Christmas. Then, there are those attending Christmas Day Mass or other church services.

Many take time to go see other family members or friends in the city, or just outside of it, but don’t want to drive their own cars due to bad weather or inconvenience.

So, either way, there is usually a minor problem of demand being higher than supply which means that Christmas is one of the busiest times for Uber. 

During Christmas, fewer riders will get rides. That is, more people find it difficult to get rides during Christmas because of the high number of riders in comparison to the number of drivers available. 

Furthermore, in addition to Christmas Day demand being higher than normal, so is the day before and after Christmas for Uber. This is basically for the same reason: high demand and low supply!

Both Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas are especially busy for shopping, so that creates more riders in need of Uber. Also, since most people still have the days off, they are apt to do more activities like seeing a movie or going to the zoo or museums. Remember most kids are home too, so families like to find ways to entertain them.

There are often people traveling to the airports before and after Christmas, making that another need for Uber.

Everyone is looking for a ride, and there are too few riders to make that happen. The upside for those few Uber drivers is that the riders will generally tip better, meaning that the drivers who sacrificed their holidays can make a lot more money while they’re out there. On the flipside, the the downside for Uber customers is that it will take them more time to get an Uber, but cost a lot more for the wait!

Does Uber Cost More on Christmas Day?

The holiday season causes price hikes in some products and services, especially when shoppers and consumers of a particular product are trying to get it during the rush hour before sales close. And when it comes to services, the people offering the services also have to celebrate the holidays with their families, so there’s a gap. And that makes the product or service cost more.

Uber costs more on Christmas Day. This is called a surge price. Prices increase when there is more demand than typical supply, like on holidays, as well as during rush hour times. It’s ‘classic economics’ and not unusual in a lot of business practices and situations, though annoying for consumers.

“Surge pricing automatically goes into effect when there are more riders in a given area than available drivers.”


This is common in everyday practice, as well as on holidays, for Uber and other ride-sharing companies. Uber explains it’s a way to manage demand, while encouraging drivers to work even at times when they’d rather not, such as holidays. If drivers weren’t enticed to work by earning more money to work at inconvenient times, it’s less likely they would!

According to Uber, “surge pricing” increases supply as well. The reason is simple. If other riders know that they can make more money, they’ll go out to work even if they didn’t originally plan to. That will mean supply will be at par with demand.

But what that also means is that customers will pay a lot more than they usually do for a ride. Uber will be a lot more expensive, and only those who can afford it will get rides. Those who can’t pay won’t, so it’s always better to be prepared on such days, in the case of a price increase which is very likely to happen on Christmas and other holidays.

Wrapping Up Uber on Christmas Day

To wrap it up, yes, Uber does run on Christmas Day! This is good to know for the many looking for an Uber on the holidays. It’s a busy time however, because demand far outweighs Uber supply, so keep that in mind and plan accordingly.

And since supply is less than demand, that also means consumers will pay more for the service! That’s just basic economics.

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