What Are Safe April Fools Jokes For Girlfriends And Wives?

Being with one person for any length of time comes with its share of conflicts and laughter. Jokes during April Fools or from time to time are a good way to diffuse otherwise tense situations or lighten moods. With this in mind, what are some safe pranks you can use for your girlfriend on April Fools’ Day?

April Fools jokes for girlfriends and wives involving household items like showers, shampoos, and clocks are safe options. You can also mess with her phone settings and beauty products. Make sure your pranks don’t hurt her physically or emotionally and leave no permanent marks.

This article explores some easy and safe pranks you can play on your girlfriend or wife in person, over the phone, and via text. It also explains some etiquettes to follow as you pull your pranks.

Easy, General April Fools Jokes For Girlfriends And Wives

Everyone has been the butt of a joke or a prank at one time or another. The feeling it brings is a weird mix of humor and embarrassment. You want to laugh at yourself, but at the same time feel a bit embarrassed about being gullible. It is a very weird mix indeed.

The trick for the prankster, especially when the joke is aimed at a loved one or close friend, is to make the joke funny, but not extreme enough to induce anger. Hurt feelings can come from someone that is sensitive to pranks, but also from a prank that has went too far.

In order to make sure the prank is funny for your girlfriend or wife and yourself, you need to know your her temperament and the limits of pranks in general. Start off with some of the less embarrassing, messy, or extreme versions of the ideas below and move on to others as you gage how they went.

Here are some easy and safe pranks you can use on girlfriends:

  1. To give her a harmless surprise try putting food coloring in her soap dispenser. Preferably this should be a color that she absolutely hates or maybe even a dark red to bring thoughts of blood to mind. She may scream a bit, but it is not embarrassing for her.
  2. Putting clear nail polish on the tips of her pencils and pens will cause them not to write. If you are feeling brave, do it when she has plans to study or has work to do.
  3. Changing the language setting to a foreign language on her cell phone is a great one. This will be super effective if your girlfriend has no clue about navigating technology. When she asks you for help, pretend to be just as clueless to help.
  4. If you have access to her closet, swap her favorite shirt, pants, or other article of clothing with a replica. Let the replica be several sizes too big or too small. The more the contrast the funnier it will be. Make sure to hide the original, but keep it safe and tensions will not rise.
  5. Replace the sugar your wife uses in the morning with salt and wait for her to make salty coffee or tea when she is rushing out the door to work or class. It is a good idea to have a backup with the proper mixture ready for when she finds out, or not. Try to predict how she will react before you prank.
  6. Put cut up streamers, magazine pages, or other confetti in the umbrella she uses and wait for the next rainy day. She will get a harmless surprise when she opens it up.
  7. Empty out the contents and put water or any other harmless liquid inside her shampoo or body-wash bottle. She is sure to growl or shout your name in an exasperated tone from the bathroom.
  8. Put tape on the kitchen sink hand sprayer to keep the lever activated. When she turns on the water expecting it to come out of the faucet, water will shoot out of the sprayer. She may even turn it on and off a few times trying to figure out what is happening.
  9. Put cling film around well used kitchen appliances, especially coffee makers. She will be able to get it off with some effort, so making her daily cup of joe will be possible.
  10. Change the ringtone on her cellphone to a song she hates or an embarrassing sound. Make sure the volume is set to the highest level. Then call her phone when she is around to get a front row seat for her reaction.

Pranks are twice as hilarious when you play them on a loved one, even your girlfriend or wife. She is probably confident in her ability to read you like a book. When you successfully trick her, seeing her reaction or hearing about it from others may get hooked and have you wanting to do it again and again.

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April Fools Pranks For Your Girlfriend Or Wife On Her Phone 

Aren’t we all grateful for technology and all the possibilities it opens up to us? Pranking over the phone is a great way to get the job done without receiving the full force of her fury. Hopefully, she will be a little calm the next time you meet.

Let me share some nice phone pranks you can use:

  • A prank call early in the morning can work, but may bring a bit of anger. You could arrange with someone in her family and have them call for a fake emergency. You could do it yourself as well.
  • Give her a call when you know she is not alone and pretend to be in a really awkward situation. Tell her you need her advise on what to do. For example, tell her a woman dressed in a revealing clown suit is at your front door or that an elderly lady is following you around insisting on giving you a backrub.
  • Call her from a store or pretend to be at one and tell her that a guy approached you and said he is your old boyfriend. He is saying some embarrassing things about her and you want to know if they are true.
  • Ask her to meet you at a tattoo shop in town to get matching tattoos on conspicuous body parts (the neck is a good one) or embarrassing ones (butt cheek is a great choice). The more excited you are about the idea the more nervous she will become and more apt to believe you she will be.
  • Change the name on your contact on her cell phone with her dad’s name and picture. Give her a suggestive call with heavy breathing and weird noises. Make sure you know she will take it well. This one could be a bit risky.
  • Send her a link to a video you made and posted on YouTube telling some of her secrets she has revealed to you. Make sure to make the video private or at least unlisted so no one else will ever see it. Just don’t tell her and she will think it is out there for the world to see.

I find that it is best to keep the joke going for a few minutes in most all situations, but to reveal that it is a prank before it goes on too long. The initial reaction is what you are after and not an extended building stressfulness. If you come clean soon after doing most of these, it will still be seen as a joke an not cruel.

April Fools Jokes For Your Girlfriend Or Wife Via Text

There are time-tested pranks that will always get a rise out of your wife or girlfriend. You may have already tried some of them, but it never hurts to prove how tenacious you can be.

Try these for the first time or pull them off again:

  1. Typing a simple text like “I know what you did” could get her attention. Simply stick to this for several texts and don’t give any more information. Once you have her full attention, it is time to let her in on the joke.
  2. Send her a blank text. There are applications that can help you get this done. If she calls and asks what is going on, you know nothing about it. That is until it has gone on for a short while, then come clean.
  3. Send her the same text over and over. Again, tell her that you have nothing to do with it. She may even call her phone company to find out what the problem is. The fun comes when you tell her what really happened.
  4. Send her a text excitedly explaining a silly investment you were convinced into making. Tell her about your grand plans for buying a mansion, cars, and vacations with all the easy money you will be raking in soon.
  5. Sign her up for a silly fact-sharing service. For example, a text service that provides facts about the reproductive habits of mammals.
  6. Use the word ‘Smurf’ in place of various curse words and start Smurfing in every text you send. Examples: ‘What the Smurf?’, ‘Get the Smurf out of here!’, ‘Holy Smurf!’. The more you do it the more of a reaction she will give. And that is the goal, right?
  7. Text her a simple, “I haven’t been honest with you.” When she begins to ask over and over what it is you lied about, refuse to answer. Once this has gone on for a while, pretend to break and reveal that you love her more than you previously let on. If you are in the same room, a smack will more than likely be coming.

Wrapping Up April Fools Jokes For Girlfriends And Wives…

All pranks should be harmless. They should not cause unnecessary physical or emotional damage. You want to laugh about it in the years to come. Choose the perfect time, mood, and place; you do not want to worsen a bad day or make her cry, even if she will laugh about it later. Tickle her funny bone, don’t aggravate her. 

For pranks involving colors and other ingredients, use single-rinse colors and stuff she isn’t allergic to. For what it’s worth, prepare for retribution.

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